by Oli Lane


It’s that time of the year again — come down to the river to cheer on the Tit Hall black and white army as they smash the competition aside. Every day, each division will race in a line and attempt to ‘bump’ the boat in front, whilst avoiding the boats behind. If a boat bumps, it moves up one place in its division, swapping with the boat it bumped.

On Saturday 14th June (the last day), afternoon tea, cakes and biscuits will be available from the Boat House from 12-3. There will be an alumni reception upstairs and downstairs there will be more food and drink.

Racing is Wednesday to Saturday this week. The crews are currently racing at:

  • M3 (in division M4): Wed, Thur, Fri 15:15 and Saturday 13:15.
  • W2 (in division W3): Wed, Thur, Fri 16:00 and Saturday 14:00.
  • M2 (in division M3): Wed, Thur, Fri 16:45 and Saturday 14:45.
  • M1 (in division M2): Wed, Thur, Fri 18:15 and Saturday 16:15.
  • W1 (in division W1): Wed, Thur, Fri 19:00 and Saturday 17:00.

However the divisions the crews are in and therefore the times they race may alter. Up to date information, including live leaderboards and commentary, as well as loads of other useful information (including an app) are available at the CamFM bumps website.

Allow 15 minutes to cycle or 30 minutes to walk from the Boat House to a prime spectating position. Directions on how to get to the boat house can be found here. A map of the river and course is available here.

Row hall!


May Bumps

by Oli Lane

bump on fat

It’s that time of year again – May Bumps are upon us, and THBC will be out in full force this week.

Crews have been training at least all term (and some all year!) for this event, so please come down and support. There’s nothing like having a huge Tit Hall crowd down to encourage all our boats to push on and go for the bump.

THBC pushing off at Henley in 1920

Bumps starts on Wednesday and lasts 4 days, with divisions going off all day and finishing in the evening. There will be THBC boats in the divisions as follows:

1stVIII 19:45 Wed-Fri 16:15 Sat
2ndVIII 16:45 Wed-Fri 14:45 Sat
3rdVIII 15:15 Wed-Fri 13:45 Sat

1stVIII 19:00 Wed-Fri 17:00 Sat
2ndVIII 16:00 Wed-Fri 14:00 Sat

For more information such as current rankings and previous results visit the official CUBC Bumps website. As ever, CAM FM will be providing their great commentary and race results live from the riverside, 12:30 – 8:00pm every day.

It can be a bit of walk to where the crews are racing, so please leave some time to get down so you don’t miss your friends.

Hope to see you down there.

Cricketers into Cuppers quarters

by Oli Lane


Nick Black’s college team are through to the quarter finals of Cuppers after wins against Peterhouse and Corpus Christi. Against Peterhouse, fifties from Black and Elliot Bath were the highlights, as was Phil Ruis’ questionable banter during the second innings.

On a spicy wicket at Corpus, Tit Hall rebuilt after early losses and were indebted to Matt Hickey, who hit 86 out of the final total of 157. Corpus were then bowled out with Michael Carson taking three wickets and managing to hit one of the opposition in the helmet in the process. Hickey also took two, as did Nick Harvey and Shudong Li.

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