Day In the Life Biographies

This section will give you an in-depth and honest insight into what a normal day looks like for students at Trinity Hall. A typical day’s work will vary significantly from subject-to-subject; with some people having lots of timetabled contact hours and others having none, instead spending the day independently reading set-texts. However, whatever your timetable, there is always time to get involved with college and university-wide societies and events; whether it’s debating, exercising or eating, Cambridge never fails to offer you the chance to find distraction from work. Explore the profiles below to see the differences between Arts/Humanities and Science subjects, the similarities and differences between the year-groups and all the amazing extra-curriculars you can involve yourself in if you choose to study at Trinity Hall Cambridge!


Alannah King – 2nd Year – BioNatSci

David Powell – 4th Year – Engineering

Jonáš Fiala – 1st Year – Computer Science

Tian Chan – 3rd Year – Medicine ; Intercalated Natural Sciences, PDN Part II


Edwin Boadu – 1st Year – MML

Jacob Stevens – 2nd Year – Economics

Jacob Arbeid – 1st Year – History and French

Peter Hunt – 1st Year – History

Rashidat Animashaun – 1st Year – HSPS

Zohra Nabi – 1st Year – Law

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