Getting here

Central Cambridge can be a little difficult to navigate in a car due to a slightly diabolical combination of narrow roads, a river, rising bollards. a one-way system, and some roads which cars can’t drive down.

Central Site:

Since Trinity Street is one way, you’ll probably want to approach from the North, either along Jesus Lane. (Do not use Magdalene Street as bus lane).

If you are arriving on a Saturday between 10am-4pm then you must display a vehicle pass to get through the bollards on Trinity Street. Before or after that time, or on a Sunday, the bollards are down and you can drive through to college without a pass.  The vehicle pass is only available for Sat Oct 1st — more details will be available in your freshers pack.

If you arrive when the bollards are up and you don’t have a permit, it is possible to park on Queens’ Road over the river, but you will have to carry your stuff down Garret Hostel Lane and over Garret Hostel Bridge (there are a couple of trolleys available to help with moving luggage if you need them), and the parking charges can be quite steep.


If you are moving in to WYNG you have slightly fewer issues to deal with; there are no rising bollards to worry about. Parking along Thompson’s lane is not allowed, but should be fine for drop off. You probably want to approach from the north, through either Chesterton Lane or Madingley Road, and turn onto Bridge Street and then Thomson’s lane due to a car prohibited area further down Bridge Street.

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