The JCR Women’s and Non-Binary Officer is responsible for the well-being and representation of all female and non-binary members of the JCR (i.e. the Trinity Hall undergrad student body). The Officer can offer individual support for anyone with a personal issue that relates to gender, from discrimination to sexual health and sexual violence. The role also involves working with the University Student Union’s Women’s Campaign to raise awareness of political issues both within and outside of college. You can get in touch with the JCR Officer about any questions, concerns or suggestions about what you would like to see being done in college. Their contact details can be found on the JCR website here.

Below is some information and links to services offered by the JCR such as free menstrual supplies and condoms and the LGBT+ Expression Fund and other campaigns you may be interested in.

Information on Women’s Health

If you need help or advice on any of the topics in the list below have a look at this Google document on Women’s health:

  • Long term or reusable contraception
  • Pregnancy
  • Adoption
  • Abortion

Free Menstrual Supplies and Condoms provided by the JCR

If you need pads, tampons, menstrual cups, condoms and lube, you can fill in the google form here. These are available free of charge for any Trinity Hall undergrad student. Receipts used for reimbursements are anonymised and your data is deleted after the order is placed. You can access the supplies (and any welfare support) from home and during the holidays.

LGBT+ Gender Expression Fund

The Gender Expression Fund reimburses transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary students in the JCR for items to help people feel comfortable with their gender expression and to alleviate feelings of gender dysphoria.

Only the JCR LGBT+ Officer will see who completes the form, which will remain completely confidential. Your information will be anonymised and passed on to the Treasurer so you can be reimbursed directly. You can access the fund (and any welfare support) from home and during the holidays. Link to the form here.

Trinity Hall Feminist Forum

A committee of undergrad students runs the college’s feminist society every year, organising discussions and events around feminist topics. More information is available on their social media here:



Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tithallfemfo/

Cambridge Student Union Women’s Campaign

The Women’s Campaign supports and represents all women and non-binary students at the University of Cambridge. They work to eliminate all forms of oppression and discrimination faced by women and non-binary people in the University at an institutional, social, and cultural level. They provide a wide variety of services, resources, and events for women in Cambridge, including organising the annual Reclaim the Night march. 

Decisions are made at their weekly Women’s Forum, which is open to all self-defining women and non-binary people, and should be regularly attended by your college women’s officer. Forum is a space for discussing different projects or plans, for deciding on our campaign ideas, supporting each other and enabling change throughout the university. 

For more information;



Email: womens@cusu.cam.ac.uk

Loud and Clear Campaign Clare College

A Clare College group working to encourage gender equality and address issues of sexual harassment and assault. Their page shares useful resources, from links to articles to infographics about consent, common misconceptions, and how to support people who have experienced sexual assault.

External Survivor-ran Campaigns

Survivors Library Instagram Account

Survivors Library is a survivor-led collective creating & collecting resources about trauma, abuse, & assault. It hosts free weekly chats for survivors and many free workshops. 

Cheer Up Luv

Cheer Up Luv is an internationally recognised photo campaign which retells accounts of sexual harassment. It is a safe space for women to exchange stories of being violated, reframe them on their own terms, and reclaim the public areas where they took place.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheerupluv/

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