Most people who self-define as LGBT+ feel very comfortable and get on really well in Cambridge – both Cambridge and college tend to be very inclusive and supportive of LGBT+ students. That said, identifying as LGBT+ isn’t always easy – figuring out what exactly you identify as, how and whether to come out, and what being LGBT+ means to you can be difficult, and you may come across hostile or insensitive attitudes, here, at home, or elsewhere.
As LGBT+ officer, I’m here to listen and help with anything, LGBT+-specific or otherwise. You can also contact the Peer Support team, the Welfare Officers, LGBT+ reps at other colleges, your tutor, or the University Counselling Service, to find someone you’re comfortable speaking to.

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LGBTithall+’s resource doc has information on most things LGBT+, with information on the basics of terminology and definitions, links to LGBT+ resources, and information on LGBT+ resources, queer spaces, and support in Cambridge.  

CUSU LGBT+’s mailing list – a weekly round-up of everything LGBT+ that’s going on in Cam.

LGBTithall+ – Tit Hall’s LGBT+ facebook group. For everyone, whether you identify as LGBT+, questioning, or an ally

Trinity Hall LGBT+ mailing list – I send out information on opportunities, events, and LGBT+ goings-on in college.

Gender Expression Fund click here

Sexual health

There’s a full list of Cam and college resources on the Welfare sexual health page, with information on sexual health clinics in Cambridge and sexual health supplies in college. CUSU LGBT+ have a really good guide to sexual health, and the LGBTithall+ doc has links to more resources.

Alternatively, feel free to email or chat to me – I’m happy to help. I can also supply free condoms, lube, dental dams, and latex gloves confidentially and discreetly, just as the Welfare Officers do. Send me an email or pop a note in my pigeonhole and I’ll get them to you ASAP.


The LGBT+ officer represents LGBT+ people in Trinity Hall, ensuring that your needs are put forward to the JCR committee, and that you’re fairly represented. If you have any concerns that you’d like to raise regarding LGBT+ welfare, rights, facilities, or representation, contact me at


Many people worry about how to define themselves, and struggle to find a label that fits. Don’t feel pressured to choose and commit to a description – people develop and change how they self-describe. Some people choose to go for something deliberately vague (e.g. queer, questioning), and others find specific terms (gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual) a useful way to understand and describe their identity. It can take a while to work out what you’re most comfortable with – don’t feel any obligation to label yourself if you’re still figuring it out.

Useful Links:

CUSU LGBT+ website
The University-wide student body which organises events and represents LGBT+ for the university. Go here for CUSU listings, the magazine, links and more.

Free, confidential and extremely experienced, they offer all types of contraception (including implants), checkups and vaccines/treatments. If ever in doubt, have a check up!

Cambridge University Counseling Service
Free, confidential and extremely experienced, you will be offered a session with a professional therapist specialising in the type of therapy most suited to you, after filling in a brief form online.

GLBTQ Encyclopedia
This online encyclopedia has articles on everything LGBT+ related and will help point you in the right direction if Google is useless.

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