JCR Committee 2022-23

Co-Presidents: Kate Valentine (kv331), Alex Levy (al2007)

Hey all I'm Kate, your JCR President who'll be with you all the way through to next year! I'm looking forward to implementing some good changes in college this year. As well as working with Alex on green related projects I'm super keen on access and widening participation so will be involved in assisting Tit Hall's great outreach scheme. Please drop me a message if you want to chat :)

and I’m Alex, your other President, in the role for this term and next! I am very excited to get started helping the committee get their aims through, from revamping ents to holding the college accountable on climate. Please feel free to get in touch with me about anything you want done and see you around college!

Vice Presidents: Aala Hassan (ah2143), Kailan Hanson (kth27)

Hi everyone! Its Aala and Kailan and we are so excited to be your JCR Vice-Presidents this year. We are both in second year, Aala’s studying HSPS and Kailan is studying History! The role of VP is vast, and we have a number of responsibilities: ranging from helping to plan freshers week, to organising the committee and voicing your opinions to the wider Student Union. Anything you’d like to JCR committee to talk about, any concerns, we are here to help!

Welfare Officers: Nancy Bird (nmb49), Shihab Ahmed (sa2071)

Hey everyone- I'm nancy (she/her) and i'm the new women and non binary welfare officer. feel free to message the welfare account (tithall.welfare) or my personal one (_nancybird_) if you have any questions or need any support/advice. you are of course also welcome to chat to me in person or email me (nmb49@cam.ac.uk) if you prefer. sending lots of welfare love ! xox

Heyyy im shihab (he/him). I'm a first-year medic and I'm the male/nb welfare officer.

Come say hi if you see me around college or at Welfare Tea! You can also find me online at my personal instagram (shihab_.a), facebook or email (sa2071) if you prefer.

*if stuck i like talking about food, football and how much of a shambles medicine is :)

Treasurer: Angel Jobson (aj537)

Hey everyone! I’m Angel (she/her) - a second year HSPSer and your new JCR Treasurer!

As Treasurer, I’ll be managing the JCR’s budget to make sure that College societies and events are well funded!

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions and ideas either via email (aj537), facebook, or my personal insta (angeljobson). Always happy to chat!

Secretary: Torsten Archer (tma38)

Hello, I’m Torsten, a first year law student who will be your secretary for the following year. I will be taking the minutes in JCR meetings and sending you listings to keep you up-to-date with a variety of opportunities. If there is something that you would like to be included then you can message me on social media or email me at tma38 or trinhalljcrsecretary@gmail.com.

Ents Presidents: Nick Leonard (nwrl2), Lily Ainslie (leja2), Jamie Dunne (jfd39)

Hey everyone, we're Lily (PBS), Nick (Natsci) and Jamie (MML), your ents for 2022/23! We’re really excited to be able to organise bops, superhalls and the garden party for everyone to enjoy. If you see us around college come say hi, and if you have any ents-related ideas don’t hesitate to let us know:)

Access Officer: Safy Oshoala (smao3)

Hey everyone! I’m Safy, a first year CompSci and this year’s Access Officer.
My role involves enabling access to our college for prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds by organising events, sessions and schemes to support them before and during their application to Cambridge.
If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please get in touch via my personal instagram (itz_hozy), Facebook or email (smao3)

Green & Ethics Officer: Ryan Ko (rswk2)

Heya everyone! I’m Ryan (he/him), a first year HSPS-er and your new Green and Ethics Officer. Over the next year, I would like to work with college to change our investment policies, energy consumption and catering. I will also be looking to push the Sustainability Committee (which all of you can participate in) and my door is always open if you want to chat as the climate crisis can be stressful to deal with! I am always delighted to hear any suggestions the JCR have – as some of you have already let me know about! – so please feel free to email me (rswk2) or message me on Instagram (ryanswko)

First Year Reps: Josh Clark (jwnc2), Chris Ryan (cfr29), Reema Pujari (rp716)

Hey everyone! We’re this years Freps, we’ll be organising the first year marriage formal, halfway hall, and of course, an awesome freshers week for the new 1st years in October! Come say hi if you see us around college, and to next years freshers, we look forward to meeting you all soon!

Webmaster: Tim McGilly (tm746)

Hi everyone! I’m Tim (he/him), a first-year CompSci and your new Webmaster. I’ll be maintaining the JCR website as well as helping run the accommodation ballot alongside Louisa (ASO). If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me on social media or send me an email at tm746@cam.ac.uk :)

LGBTQ+ Officer: Meg Jenkins (mj586)

Hi everyone! I’m Meg (she/her) and I am your LGBTQ+ officer for the upcoming year! My main responsibilities are looking out for the welfare of those who identify as LGBTQ+, and providing a fun, inclusive and supportive atmosphere in college. I look forward to organising some fun events in the next couple of terms — feel free to message me on the @tithall.lgbtq instagram with any questions or requests! 🌈🌟❤️

Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer: Muhib Ali (smma2)

Hey guys! I’m Muhib and I am your new BME officer.

Through my role , I hope to make everyone feel safe, welcome and at home at Trinity Hall. Hopefully over the next year we can host some more events to celebrate all the different cultures and religions we have at Tit Hall.

Feel free to message me on Instagram (@mubzhino) or email (smma2) if you want to talk about any issues or if you have any idea suggestions you have.

Disability and Special Considerations Officer: Molly Flitcroft (mmf42)

Hi everyone! I'm Molly (she/her) and I'm a first year archaeologist as well as your new disabled students officer!

As DSO I will be ensuring the welfare of disabled students within college. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out via email (mmf42) or on instagram (mollyflitcroft)!

Women and Non-Binary Officer: Lauren Smewing (ls916), Georgia Martin (gem46)

Hiya! We’re Lauren (she/her) and Georgia (she/her) studying Geography and Bio NatSci respectively, both in our 2nd year at Tit Hall. We’re so happy to be the Women’s and Non-Binary Officers for this year! Our aim is to collaborate with other JCR members and wider university societies to empower, support and inspire all the female and non-binary students in our amazing college. Recently we worked with Ryan to deliver free, environmentally-friendly period cups to our JCR as part of a Green Week project, and are looking forward to continuing to support more projects like this, run some inclusive events and much more! Please let us know if you have any ideas for how we can support you or any events you’d like us to run! :))
Love from Lauren and Georgia xxx

International Officer: Charles Tetley (ct623)

Hi everyone! I’m Charles, a first-year land ec and your new International Officer. I am here to support the international community here at Tit Hall. The key aspect of my role will be to help integrate international students into college life, but I am also here to deal with any queries or issues that may arise both before and during your time here. Please feel free to reach out with any questions at all, either via insta (@charlestetleyy) or email ct623@cam.ac.uk :)

Accommodation and Services Officer: Louisa Yapp (ly345)

Hi everyone!! I’m Louisa (she/her)… soon-to-be-3rd-year medic, bop-photographer, cox, amateur YouTuber, and your A&S Officer! As the ASO, I’ll be tackling all accommodation and service issues with a proactive and logical approach that no junior bursar could ever dispute. From overseeing the ballot to sorting out broken toasters, no problem is too big or small. Please get in touch via messenger, DM or email (ly345) and send your questions and queries my way I’m always up for a chat over a cuppa!
Lotsa TH love xx

Class Act Officer: Daisy Tozer (dgt29), Joseph Burns (jpb201)

Hey ! We're Daisy (she / her) and Joseph (he / him) and we're your new class act officers! we'll be working with the college to help students access bursaries, working with the ASO on the ballot and running / promoting online and in-person events for class act identifying students. Feel free to say hi if you see us around college or contact us at dgt29 / jpb201 :)
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