JCR Committee 2024-25

President: Ellen Thomas (et505)

Hi everyone! I’m Ellen, a second-year historian and JCR President for this year! I’ll be running the committee and representing students on college committees such as Governing Body, as well as working with other members of staff to make sure every student is getting the most out of their experience at Tit Hall. I’ll be focusing on how we can improve the day-to-day ways that students experience college, and I’m also passionate about access and inclusion. I’m open to hearing any suggestions or concerns about what’s going on in college, so feel free to drop me an email any time!

Vice Presidents: Zeeshan Hossain (zh370), Teymour Taj (tt488)

Hi everyone, my name is Zeeshan, a second-year natural scientist, and am JCR vice president along with Teymour! I will be helping to manage the JCR committee, and also sit in on some college committee meetings as well as helping to run freshers week next year. After being here for a year and a half (somehow!), I have a good understanding of how difficult Cambridge life can be. Therefore, in this role I’ll be focussing on promoting positive changes to college that will help to make daily uni life a little easier for everyone. If you ever had any ideas as to changes that could be made within college, feel free to reach out to me via email or in person!

Hey there! I’m Teymour (he/him), another second-year NatSci, and alongside Zeeshan I’ll be your JCR vice president! In this role I will be attending meetings with College governing body, running elections for future JCR officers, organising freshers week for next year’s cohort, and more generally supporting the President and the senior members of the committee. I think that the collegiate system we have in Cambridge is very special: having important decisions devolved to the colleges means students have more power to change things for the better. I will strive to make Tit Hall a fun, safe and welcoming place for all our members, and would be more than happy to hear your suggestions for this. Please send me a message or find me around college if you would like to have a chat! 😀

Welfare Officers: Georgia Brooks (gb703), Taylor West (tw617)

Hey everyone, my name is Georgia (she/her) and I’m this year’s women and non-binary welfare officer :) Myself and Taylor will be making sure that your wellbeing is supported as much as possible, as we know how easy it is for students to forget to look after themselves in an environment such as this, so we’re here to remind you to take that time out, have a cup of tea (potentially from our lovely new urn at welfare tea every sunday!), watch that film, or start that project that you’ve been longing to try! We will be hosting many welfare events this coming year to allow you to connect with fellow tit-hallers, as well as maybe find a new friendship at another college! But, we are also available on a more personal level, so if ever you need a chat about whatever’s on your mind, we will welcome it readily, offering advice or support where you need it, or just generally being there to have a bit of a rant to - everyone needs one now and again! So please don’t hesitate to get in touch to have a chat or suggest an event that you think will boost your wellbeing, we’re here to make sure you feel seen and heard and want to help you however and whenever you need it.

Hi everyone, I’m Taylor (he/him) a first-year doing Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Japanese). I’m very excited to be your new male and non-binary welfare officer. Starting on a less serious note, please come to welfare tea every Sunday at 2 and don’t forget to send in any biscuit requests! Both Georgia and I are passionate about building a healthy and integrated community here at Trinity Hall, even if it is through something as simple as some free snacks and drinks. It is also important to note that we represent you, the student body, in meetings with the people who run the college, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re encountering any challenges in college life. I’m always available for a chat; whether it is something small bothering you or you are going through something more serious, please get in touch.

Treasurer: Krishna Mahendrakar and Tyr Hogsander (km925 th704)

Hi all! Our names are Tyr Hogsander (he/him) and Krishna Mahendrakar (he/him) and we are both first years - a Land Ec and an Economist respectively. As your Treasurers for this year we hope to deliver on transparency and accessibility of information. We both love the societies and events at our college (and look forward to more on offer!) and together hope to support everyone who’s anyone as best we can!! Reach out if you’ve got any questions :))

Secretary: Claire Ding (xd268)

Hi everyone ! I am Claire (she/her), a first-year HSPS student and I will be your JCR secretary for the year :) My job is to inform you of events and opportunities through weekly listings and taking the minutes in JCR committee meetings. I will also be the point of contact between you and the alumni and development team, as well as sitting on the library committee. Feel free to reach out to me about any event, opportunity or something that you believe deserves a special mention in the tit hall community through social media or email xd268@cam.ac.uk / trinhalljcrsecretary@gmail.com !!

Ents Presidents: Georgia Emanuel (ge305), Lily O'Sullivan (lo351), Wes Treasure, Billie Kilburn and Ismene Forsyth (wt292 bk470 if299)

Hi guys! We are your new Ents team (@tithall.ents) for this year and we’re really excited to make the bops bigger and better than ever! We’re cooking up some big ideas - keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. Feel free to message us with questions or suggestions⭐️⭐️⭐️

Access Officer: Wilf Vall (wv229)

Hi! I’m Wilf (he/him), a first year HSPSer and your access access officer for the year! My role is to make sure that Trinity Hall is accessible for all students, regardless of their background, to ensure that our community is as reflective of the demography of the UK as possible. I will be working with the admissions team and the schools’ liaison officer to run outreach programmes to demystify the application process and encourage individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to apply to Trinity Hall. If you want to get involved in any outreach schemes or have any ideas about how we can improve access to Trinity Hall feel free to email me (wv229@cam.ac.uk), message me on instagram (@wilf_l.vall) or come find me about college.

Green & Ethics Officer: May Brown (mb2611)

Hi! I’m May (she/her), a first year Vet Med and your Green & Ethics officer for the year! I’ll be sitting on various college committees to make sure that Trinity Hall is operating as sustainably as possible: reducing carbon footprint, increasing biodiversity, and overall having a positive impact. I will also be setting up projects to help improve the sustainability of day-to-day student college life, and if anyone has any related issues or ideas then I can raise them with the college. Feel free to message or speak to me if there’s anything at all I can help with at any time <3 my Instagram is @maayybrown or my email is mb2611@cam.ac.uk :)

First Year Reps: Jen Price (jp2063), Maya Kunchur (mk2224), Hailey Ching (hyhc4)

Hi, i’m Jen (she/her) and i’m a first year MMLer, studying French and Spanish. I’m one of this year’s freps, along with the wonderful Maya and Hailey. We’ve had a great first few months in the role, with the highlights including the week 0 megabop and marriage formal! It’s a super fun role and we’re here to help all Tit Hall first years with any issues they have, as well as supporting the liberation, welfare and especially ents teams with anything they need :)

Hi, I’m Maya! I’m a natural sciences student. I love it here, and my job is to help make sure that you do too! I sit on some committees to make sure student voices are heard, and help new students settle in. I can’t wait to meet you all ❤️ feel free to reach out to me at mk2224.

Hi!! I’m Hailey (he/him) and I’m a first year Natural Scientist, and also one of the 3 freps this year. It was really fun to help organizing the marriage formal and it was great to meet everyone in first year. I look forward to helping with upcoming events from ents and freshers week, as well as communicating with the to-be freshers (man we are a few months away from no longer being freshers ahaha).

Webmaster: Jamie Hore (jh2502)

Hi, I’m Jamie, a first year phys NatSci and webmaster of the JCR. I’m responsible for keeping the JCR website maintained and working alongside the college’s IT team to ensure that all members of the undergraduate body have access to any assistance they may need regarding technology. Feel free to get in contact about any problems you may have, and let me know if there’s something you’d like to see on the JCR website.

LGBTQ+ Officer: Baz Chan (ywc32)

Hi everyone! I’m Baz (he/him), a first year law student and I’m very excited to be your LGBTQ+ officer this year. My primary goal is to make Trinity Hall a more inclusive space for all LGBTQ+ members of the JCR and ensure our concerns are heard and properly addressed. I’d really value any suggestions or feedback you might have to make this possible, so please let me know if you think of anything that you want to see happen – it doesn’t have to be big or complicated. I’m also here to raise any concerns you have to the college, and just listen and give you support / advice or direct you to someone who can. You can contact me on instagram @involuntaryorchidectomy, or by email (ywc32@cam.ac.uk) if you need anything at all :)

Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer: Florence Assetto (fa463)

Hi! I’m Florence (she/her), a first-year law student and your BME officer for the year! I’m here to make sure that Tit Hall is a welcoming and comforting environment for all BME students, and to create a sense of community that we can all benefit from! I’m looking forward to being around in college, whether just for a chat or to talk about any concerns that I can raise with the college. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything at all I can help with - I’m here both to advise and to listen! You can message (Instagram: _florence.a), email (fa463@cam.ac.uk) or find me in person :))

Disability and Special Considerations Officer: Amelia Dubin (ad2165)

Hello everyone! My name is Amelia (she/they), I’m a 2nd year HSPS student and I am so excited to be your Disability and Special Considerations Officer this year. My job is to help and support everyone who has disabilities or requires special considerations - which could be anyone! I’m looking forward to engaging with the community we have in college, and I’ll be focusing on awareness raising for different college, university, and government schemes that benefit people with disabilities or who require special considerations. If you need anything, from where to go for mental health support to how to begin seeking a diagnosis and difficulties of surviving uni with a disability, please send me an email! I’m not just here to give advice, I’m also here to listen.

Women and Non-Binary Officer: Sophie Mason (sm2814)

Hi!! I’m Sophie (she/her), a first year hispoler, and your Women’s and Non-Binary Officer for this year! I will be representing the women and non-binary members here at Trinity Hall, whether this is through more practical measures, such as stocking the emergency period products and continuing anti-spiking initiatives, or just being there to point people in the direction of support. I’ll promote important issues around college, such as safety, wellbeing, and consent, and make sure that college members are well informed about the women’s/nb initiatives of the Students’ Union, such as WomCam. I am more than happy to take any suggestions and please reach out if you need anything, you can contact me here: sm2814@cam.ac.uk or @sophiemson on instagram :))

International Officer: Kai Zhen Tek (kzt21)

Hi there! I’m Kai (he/him), a first year lawyer from Singapore. While my role is primarily to represent the interests of international students at Trinity Hall, I’m excited to also raise awareness of the diverse pool of international students we have for the larger college community – with the ultimate goal of fostering an inclusive living and studying environment for all :) This means that the events I hope to organise will not only be for the international students, but everyone is welcomed to join us to understand about the different traditions and festivities we celebrate! Feel free to drop me a message if you have any events that you would like to see, or any ideas about supporting international students in college! My Instagram is @iak.ket and my email is kzt21@cam.ac.uk

Accommodation and Services Officer: Eugénie Bourette (eb919)

Hey everyone! My name is Eugénie (she/her). I’m a second year reading History of Art, and my job is to make sure firstly that balloting goes smoothly and secondly to raise any concerns you may have about either your room or food. This could even be things as small as having curly fries more often! I’ll also be focusing on how we can make improvements to college accommodation and am very keen for any feedback or suggestions you may have on how to do this. In short, please feel free to drop me a text or email, I will be more than happy to help you out :)

Class Act Officer: Martha Shawyer (ms3033)

Hello! I’m Martha (she/her), a first year student, and I’m happy to say that I’m your class act officer for the year! The class act campaign is broad, encompassing all those who have experienced (or are experiencing) socioeconomic, cultural, or educational disadvantage, whether that’s coming from state comprehensive schools, a low income family, or being a first generation student. As your class act officer, I want to work alongside the student union campaign in creating a stronger community both inside and outside of college through socialising opportunities. I’m always available for a chat, and open to new suggestions for ways of improving our community for people from all backgrounds! 🙂
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