Trinity Hall has a vibrant collection of societies – you’re sure to find something for your distinguished (or otherwise) tastes. Below is the current list of societies and person to contact (in no particular order):

Society name

Name of Primary Contact for Society (e.g. President/Treasurer)

CRSID of Primary Contact


Trinity Hall Boat ClubIsobel Sutherland (Treasurer), Sam Riley (Men/NB Captain) and Isobel Nicholl (Women/N + Overall Captain)ijs29, sjkr2 and irn24ijs29, sjkr2 and
Trinity Hall Christian UnionZachary Anderson and Max Iyengarza305, mei26
za305 and
Trinity Hall Squash SocietyAly Shaabanaars3
Trinity Hall Football ClubMurdo
Trinity Hall Cricket ClubIoan Webber and Sam Pappsiww22 and sp2021iww22 and
Girls NetballElena Ahjem and Madeleine Coodeeaa53 and mc2256eaa53 and
Trinity Hall Medical and Veterinary SocietyAly Shaaban, Joe Karran and Josie Campbellaars3, jdk33 and jcc93aars3, jdk33 and
Trinity Hall Women in STEM SocietyIsobel Sayer and Tiffany Tsoiias45 and ytt27ias45 and
Trinty Hall Board Game Society Max
Trinity Hall Law SocietyMiriam Butcher and Julia DeLucamjb313 and jd934
mjb313 and
Trinity Hall History SocietyCharlie
Trinity Hall Arts SocietyRebecca Black and Sibylle Brochardrmwl2 and sb2452rmwl2 and
New Thundercatz UltimateCamille
Hesperides (Trinity Hall Literary Society)Matthew Bessant & Jemma Forstermrb88 and jlf64mrb88 and
Trinity Hall Natural Sciences SocietyJamie
Trinity Hall BasketballCalvin Hartley,
Trinity Hall Finance SocietyAngel
Trinity Hall Mixed NetballRajiv Guha, Ella Woodrg624 and ejnw2rg624 and
Trinity Hall Badminton ClubJonathan Tsoi and Calvin HartleyJt699 and ch864
Jt699 and
Trinity Hall Pool ClubVythilingam Siva
Trinity Hall Music SocietyAlasdair
Trinity Hall Swimming and Water Polo ClubOliver
Preston Society Filmmaking Fin Scott and Winnie Zhufas44 and sz406fas44 and
Trinity Hall Tennis ClubDanny
Trinity Hall Engineering SocietyChristopher Roper and Vasily Apostolakiscr651 and va318cr651 and
Trinity Hall Hummus SocietyKishen
Trinity Hall Origami SocietySumei

The JCR is keen to support societies within the college. THe guidelines as provided by the treasuer, Antonio, can be found here. Don’t worry, the process is quite short (~5 minutes).

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