Trinity Hall has a vibrant collection of societies – you’re sure to find something for your distinguished (or otherwise) tastes. Below is the current list of societies and person to contact (in no particular order):

Society name

Name of Primary Contact for Society (e.g. President/Treasurer)

CRSID of Primary Contact

Trinity Hall Boat ClubCharlie Bone – Men’s/NB and Overall Captain; Evie Mollitt – Women’s/NB Captain; Oliver Bramley – Vice-Captain and Junior Treasurercb2131, em843, ob351
Trinity Hall Christian UnionZachary Anderson and Max Iyengarza305, mei26
Trinity Hall Football ClubEwan Spencerecs53
Trinity Hall Cricket ClubIoan Webber and Sam Pappsiww22 and sp2021
Girls NetballElena Ahjem and Maddie Coodeeaa53 and mc2256
Trinity Hall Medical and Veterinary SocietyElena Ahjem, Emma Chapman, Charles Wolrige Gordoneaa53, erc82 and cww32
Trinity Hall Law SocietyEve Singleton (President) and Torsten Archer (Treasurer)ejs227 and tma38
Trinity Hall History SocietyOlly Gale and Michael Hargreavesog298 and mh2117
New Thundercatz UltimateTreasurer (Adam Sabo) and Secretary (Clarissa Teh) as2860 and clyt3
Hesperides (Trinity Hall Literary Society)Daisy Tozer, Anna Chandler de Waal, Jesse Dwyer dgt29, asgc3 and jd927
Trinity Hall Natural Sciences SocietyPriya Desai and Izzy Gilbey Smith ppd28 and is522
Trinity Hall BasketballDipin Adhikarida522
Trinity Hall Mixed NetballElena Ahjem and Joe Bradleyeaa53 and jlb209
Trinity Hall Pool ClubCaptains: Oliver Bacon, Charlie Horlock. Vice-captain: Will Bunkerogvb2, ch902 and wb309
Trinity Hall Water Polo ClubRyan Ko, Nicholas Leonard, Zach Lyttlerswk2, nwrl2 and zl493
Preston Society Filmmaking Fin Scott and Winnie Zhufas44 and sz406
Trinity Hall Tennis ClubCalvin Hartleych864
Trinity Hall Engineering SocietyAaron Tse and Perry Tsaiat904 and cht53
Trinity Hall Origami SocietySumei Kinzelbach (President), Jake Dalzell (Vice-President)slpk3 and jed76
Trinity Hall Islamic SocietyUmayyah Rahman – President, Shihab Ahmed – Vice Presidentur231 and sa2071
Trinity Hall Climbing ClubJosh Clark, Megan Pogsonjwnc2 and map98
Tit Hall Yoga SocietyLouisa Yapply345
Trinity Hall FemInist Forum Nell Breckenridgenb653
TH Language Exchange SocietyJamie Dunnejfd39

The JCR is keen to support societies within the college.

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