Food & drink


Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in the cafeteria daily in term times. Details of opening times and menus can be found on the college intranet site (see the Quick Links sidebar). The food is pretty decent and also at a fairly reasonable cost.

Formal Hall

A chance to make the most of your gown and dine in style, Formal Hall is a three course meal served every Thursday and Sunday during full-term. Menus can be found on the hall booking system (again, see the sidebar). Members of the college must wear gowns to Formal Hall.

A wine token can be purchased from the college bar for £4, and you’ll then be served 3 glasses throughout the meal.



The most superlative of all college dining is the fortnightly superhall. Usually held on alternate weekends to VIVA, superhall takes place on a Friday evening. The menu is themed, and ranges from the classics of Italian and French, to the more exotic and unusual tastes of the Orient and beyond. Places can be booked on the hall booking system.

Gowns are not worn to superhall, although a dress code of no trainers or jeans is imposed.

The wine policy for superhalls is the same as for formal hall.

College Bar + Café

The college bar is open daily till late with exact weekly timings usually posted on the door, or on the intranet.  While functioning as a normal bar in the evenings, serving various beverages and wine for formals, it is also has a cafe type vibe during the day. It serves coffee, hot drinks, nibbles, sandwiches, snacks etc for a quick bite if you’re too lazy to walk to Sainsbury’s. The fresh smoothies are a particular favorite of mine, do give them a go. You can pay via your CamCard or with cash.

The bar is located under North Court, with entrances from both North Court as well as through the JCR (perfect to grab a drink and play pool!). Additionally, the Aula is a room located next to the bar and is a fab study space during the day, and also where ents happen at night!

Sat & Sun: open from ~ midday 

Mon – Fri: open from ~ 9.00am 

Useful Catering-based Links

  • Here is the catering part of the intranet. Using the bar on the left you can find things like opening times for hall and booking times for hall and superhall.
  • There is an online feedback form, which you can also get to by clicking the Kitchen Comments link over on the Quick Links bar on the right. If you have strong feelings about hot desserts/bangers and mash/ravioli (as replies we got a while back said you are) then please tell them here. Please also tell them if you had a particularly cracking time at (formal/super/normal) hall because the food was just bloody great.
  • You can check your bill here in the hall booking system. The link is called “EPOS”, which stands for “Electronic Point Of Sale” and is very badly named. On the plus side, it works fantastically.
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