May Bumps

by Oli Lane

bump on fat

It’s that time of year again – May Bumps are upon us, and THBC will be out in full force this week.

Crews have been training at least all term (and some all year!) for this event, so please come down and support. There’s nothing like having a huge Tit Hall crowd down to encourage all our boats to push on and go for the bump.

THBC pushing off at Henley in 1920

Bumps starts on Wednesday and lasts 4 days, with divisions going off all day and finishing in the evening. There will be THBC boats in the divisions as follows:

1stVIII 19:45 Wed-Fri 16:15 Sat
2ndVIII 16:45 Wed-Fri 14:45 Sat
3rdVIII 15:15 Wed-Fri 13:45 Sat

1stVIII 19:00 Wed-Fri 17:00 Sat
2ndVIII 16:00 Wed-Fri 14:00 Sat

For more information such as current rankings and previous results visit the official CUBC Bumps website. As ever, CAM FM will be providing their great commentary and race results live from the riverside, 12:30 – 8:00pm every day.

It can be a bit of walk to where the crews are racing, so please leave some time to get down so you don’t miss your friends.

Hope to see you down there.

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