by Oli Lane


It’s that time of the year again — come down to the river to cheer on the Tit Hall black and white army as they smash the competition aside. Every day, each division will race in a line and attempt to ‘bump’ the boat in front, whilst avoiding the boats behind. If a boat bumps, it moves up one place in its division, swapping with the boat it bumped.

On Saturday 14th June (the last day), afternoon tea, cakes and biscuits will be available from the Boat House from 12-3. There will be an alumni reception upstairs and downstairs there will be more food and drink.

Racing is Wednesday to Saturday this week. The crews are currently racing at:

  • M3 (in division M4): Wed, Thur, Fri 15:15 and Saturday 13:15.
  • W2 (in division W3): Wed, Thur, Fri 16:00 and Saturday 14:00.
  • M2 (in division M3): Wed, Thur, Fri 16:45 and Saturday 14:45.
  • M1 (in division M2): Wed, Thur, Fri 18:15 and Saturday 16:15.
  • W1 (in division W1): Wed, Thur, Fri 19:00 and Saturday 17:00.

However the divisions the crews are in and therefore the times they race may alter. Up to date information, including live leaderboards and commentary, as well as loads of other useful information (including an app) are available at the CamFM bumps website.

Allow 15 minutes to cycle or 30 minutes to walk from the Boat House to a prime spectating position. Directions on how to get to the boat house can be found here. A map of the river and course is available here.

Row hall!


NatSci talk: How do we get energy out of food?

by Oli Lane


This Monday 10th February in the Bridgetower Room, Dr Edmund Kunji is giving us a talk titled “How do we get energy out of food?”

Fellow at Trinity Hall, Dr Kunji is a biochemist studying mitochondrial carrier proteins at the MRC mitochondrial biology unit. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear about the exciting topics he researches — don’t miss it! 

Free wine and nibbles will be provided.

The June Event Committee needs you!

by Oli Lane

Shoes off

Applications to run Musical Ents on the June Event Committee close in 2 days! If you’d like your creative juices to flow, email akrk2 and mto24 to apply.

We are looking for 2 people, each of whom will be involved in selecting acts, holding auditions and dealing with VIPs, but as a rough guide: we are looking for one person who can source talent and another whose technical expertise will help with production, equipment and sound. It’s an exciting opportunity to be creative and watch your planning unfold on the night, and it will look great on a CV.

You have 9 days to apply for all the other positions (more details in the attachment below!)

TH June Event – Role Descriptions

Update: Applications are now closed.

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