Film Society showing

by Oli Lane

Film strip stock image

Here’s a quick message from James, the president of the film society:

Thanks to everyone who signed up to Film Society at the freshers’ fair, and apologies for the late start to proceedings this year, but we now have our first film showing organised!

We will be showing ‘Life of Pi’ in the Leslie Stephen Room in college this Friday (tomorrow). This film is viewed in some quarters as being something of a modern classic, the tale of “a young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger.”

It’s sure to be a great watch, we’ll start the film at 7:45pm, though feel free to come down any time from 7:30 onwards. I’ll try to bring some popcorn/snacks but you’re very welcome to bring your own!

Also please do tell your friends if you plan on coming, all are welcome!

University Challenge tryouts

by Oli Lane

Jeremy Paxman

Get your thinking caps on, it’s University Challenge time again.

If you’re interested in potentially joining the team, tryouts will be 1-4pm on Saturday, in P seminar room. It’ll take about 20 minutes of your time in the form of (obviously) a quiz — all abilities welcome.

Come along — it’d be great to have a Trinity Hall team to cheer on this year!

If you’d like to be involved but can’t make the tryouts, shoot an email to Charlie O’Neill (co329).

Ents Events and Hall of Fame

by Oli Lane

Exciting news — the VIVA Hall of Fame is back for the new year, showcasing a small sample of the veritable smörgåsbord (I just worked out how to do accents on my new laptop) of fantastic costumes that were on display at the weekend.

The Ents timetable has also been posted on the Ents page. There are a couple blanks there that should be updated over the next few weeks. If they’re not, it’s probably my fault.

Useful dates

by Oli Lane

Latham lawn sunset

Michaelmas looms upon us once more, like New Year but with more resolutions and less bubbly. Here are some Useful Dates® to help you navigate.

  • Friday 3rd October: Entitlement to residence begins
  • Saturday and Sunday 4th-5th October: Arrival dates for most freshers
  • Tuesday 7th October: Full term begins
  • Thursday 9th October: Most lectures start, start of week 1 of Michaelmas term
  • Friday 5th December: Full term ends
  • Friday 12th December (10am): Entitlement to residence ends

If you’re a fresher (or clueless), here’s a quick glossary:

  • Entitlement to residence: Time period you rent your college room for. You must move in after it begins and before it ends, unless you’ve got your room over the holidays (this is not available in first year)
  • Full term: The time period the university expects you to be in Cambridge for, according to university statutes.
  • Michaelmas: Pronounced “mick-uhl-mus”. The first term of the academic year, the other two being the Lent and Easter terms.
  • Looms: Devices used to weave cloth.


by Oli Lane


It’s that time of the year again — come down to the river to cheer on the Tit Hall black and white army as they smash the competition aside. Every day, each division will race in a line and attempt to ‘bump’ the boat in front, whilst avoiding the boats behind. If a boat bumps, it moves up one place in its division, swapping with the boat it bumped.

On Saturday 14th June (the last day), afternoon tea, cakes and biscuits will be available from the Boat House from 12-3. There will be an alumni reception upstairs and downstairs there will be more food and drink.

Racing is Wednesday to Saturday this week. The crews are currently racing at:

  • M3 (in division M4): Wed, Thur, Fri 15:15 and Saturday 13:15.
  • W2 (in division W3): Wed, Thur, Fri 16:00 and Saturday 14:00.
  • M2 (in division M3): Wed, Thur, Fri 16:45 and Saturday 14:45.
  • M1 (in division M2): Wed, Thur, Fri 18:15 and Saturday 16:15.
  • W1 (in division W1): Wed, Thur, Fri 19:00 and Saturday 17:00.

However the divisions the crews are in and therefore the times they race may alter. Up to date information, including live leaderboards and commentary, as well as loads of other useful information (including an app) are available at the CamFM bumps website.

Allow 15 minutes to cycle or 30 minutes to walk from the Boat House to a prime spectating position. Directions on how to get to the boat house can be found here. A map of the river and course is available here.

Row hall!


Exam tips and tricks

by Oli Lane

First of all: it’ll be fine.

However, if you’re worried about exams (or even if you’re not), then the student advice service has some great pages of advice for before and during exams, and what to do if you experience any extenuating circumstances such as illness.

Remember, there’s a wealth of support both from the college and university, and you should make full use of it if you want it. The college’s own study guide includes some advice on handling exams as well.

As well as all that advice, the JCR’s Easter Term Happy Action Plan (ETHAP) is gathering steam, with free food and drinks, an upcoming BBQ, a much improved range of study areas and weekly yoga to help you de-stress.

Finally, if you’re looking for a soundtrack to your Easter term, here’s my 1000 track playlist of chilled out/happy music. Shove it on shuffle.

Stay happy, stay healthy. JCR love x

CUSU Referendum

by Oli Lane

cusu notepad

CUSU is holding a referendum next week on proposed changes to its constitution. You can vote tomorrow, the 28th of April, at this link. You’ll need a Raven login.

CUSU’s information on the referendum is here, including a list of the changes being proposed.

Yoga sessions

by Oli Lane

Yoga kitten

Welfare’s new yoga sessions will be starting this Tuesday from 4pm in the lecture theatre! It’ll cost £2 per person — unfortunately we only have mats and space for 22 people so please come early to avoid disappointment.

Ents events this term

by Oli Lane
Club can't even handle us right now.

Club can’t even handle us right now.

  • Friday 25th April – Easter Superhall, including an Easter Egg Hunt (Note: this is the same night as Natsci Dinner). Booking is open.
  • Saturday 3rd May – VIVA (after Sports and Music society dinners)
  • Friday 9th May – Superhall
  • Friday 13th June – Post-exam VIVA
  • Sunday 15th June – Trinity Hall Garden Party (tickets on sale soon, watch this space!)

Easter Term goodness

by Oli Lane


It’s a brand new term, and we’ve got a few things lined up that you should know about (because they’ll be great/useful/yummy). Have a gander.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd April

The Sports Centre is having Open Days from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm so that students can familiarise themselves with the venue well in advance of exams. Please do make use of this, it will make things much easier on the day!

Wednesday 23 April

Dr Jackson will be giving a talk in the Lecture Theatre at 3.30pm on study skills and advice for exam term; please come along!

Saturday 17th May

The JCR BBQ, hosted by Dr Jackson, will be held on the 17th of May; details will be sent out nearer the time.

Fun things to know about

  • The Jerwood is open as normal, although hotdesking will be coming into force, so please clear up your books and papers at the end of the day.
  • We have the Terrace Room and P Seminar Room booked from 9pm-5pm every day for quiet study.
  • We also have the Lecture Theatre booked from 9pm-5pm as a designated non-work quiet space, so that people can use it for quiet relaxation, meditation, etc. Please don’t use it as a social space; we have the Welfare Room and the Cafe open as normal for socialising/napping/paninis.
  • Yoga classes will be starting! More details to follow from the Welfare reps.
  • From the 12th of May, there will be doughnuts provided several days a week; the Jerwood will also be providing juice and cookies. Look out for an email from Tutorial later on to confirm when and where. Gluten free options will be available on request.

Things to remember

  • Please remember that there is support available if you have any problems or concerns, whether work-related, health-related or anything else. Do get in touch with your tutor, your DoS, or any member of the Welfare team if you are having any difficulties; you can also contact the college nurse or the college counsellor.
  • It’s beautiful weather; Easter term may have a somewhat negative reputation but don’t forget it is also the term of punting, Pimms and lunch on Latham Lawn. Enjoy the sun!
  • May Week. It’s going to be great.