Welfare Officer: Sarah Royle


Welfare Officer: Benedict Skinner-Cassidy


As the Welfare Officers, we’re part of the extensive support network that Trinity Hall offers to ensure that you stay healthy and happy while you’re here.

Our main job is to look out for your welfare and we are available at any time for an informal (and confidential) chat about any problems you may encounter — whether they’re health, relationship, family or work related. We can also give additional advice regarding sexual health and contraception, and related services offered by CUSU – there are free sexual health supplies in the Welfare Locker and at Boho.

We put on a variety of welfare events every term, ranging from puppy therapy to yoga – please do come along, we’d love to see you there. There is also the weekly Welfare Tea in the Terrace Room at 2pm on Sundays – come for a break, snack, and catch us there. Please do email, message, call or stop us around college at any time – we’d love to hear from you!

The  Welfare Network Facebook group is an inclusive space for sharing and discussing all aspects of student welfare within college and the wider university community. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

Tit Hall is an amazing community – we are here to help you enjoy Cambridge and stay happy in a place that has its stresses. Catch us or any of the welfare team for a chat – see you around!


Welfare Subcommittee

LBGT+ Officer: Lily Indira Kirkby (lik24)

Hi, I’m Lily! I study History of Art and I’m your LGBT+ Officer. As LGBT+ Officer I will advocate to make Tit Hall an inclusive, supportive, and safe environment, and ensure that all self-identifying LGBT+ students’ voices are heard by the JCR. I am also in charge of putting together events in college for LGBT+ students. If you have any ideas for events that you’d like to have happen just let me know! If you want to get in touch I am always available to answer any questions concerning LGBT+ life in Cambridge, to provide private and confidential support, or even just for a chat. Please do feel free contact me anytime, be it over email (lik24 / the jcr lgbt+ email), Facebook Messenger, or if you just see me around – I’m more than happy to help and no issue is too small!

Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer: Lauren Long ()

Hello, my name is Lauren and I am Trinity Hall’s BME Officer. I like to think of my role, as described by my predecessor, as 50% political and 50% welfare. I am committed to ensuring Trinity Hall is a comfortable environment for all ethnic minorities. For me, this entails reaching out to more prospective BME applicants through the Access and Outreach office, but also ensuring that BME students are well-supported once here. As of now, I am planning more BME inter-collegiate mingles, working with our college Welfare officers to ensure welfare activities cater to BME needs and working to revive the Film Society to incorporate more foreign films. Any issues or enquiries you can contact me through email.

Disability and Special Considerations Officer: Thomas So (thks2)

As the disabilities and special considerations officer, I will be your first point of contact if you have any queries about special arrangements that you may be entitled to, and I will do everything I can to answer your questions or direct you to the right person, so please do get in touch even if you’re unsure if you qualify for any special considerations!

Women and Non-Binary Officer: Ioana Diac (id334)

Hi everyone, my name is Ioana and I am a second year HSPS student specialising in Sociology. I am your Women’s and Non-Binary Officer, responsible for the well-being and representation of all self-identifying female and non-binary members of the JCR. As part of the welfare sub-team, I am here to offer individual support for anyone with a personal issue that relates to gender, from discrimination to sexual health and sexual violence. In addition to the welfare aspect of this role, it is also a political one and I will engage with the CUSU Women’s Campaign and other groups to raise awareness of political issues both within and outside of the college. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about what you would like to see being done in college please do not hesitate to drop me a message or get in touch via email (id334). Love and solidarity xoxo

International Officer: Ryan Yeap (ry276), Kate Han (kh674)

As co-international officer, I help represent the interests of the international community here at Tit Hall, and look after any concerns ranging from logistics to welfare of our international students


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