Rashidat Animashaun – 1st Year – HSPS


Hey, I am Rashidat and I am a current first-year, who studies Human, Social and Political Sciences.

7am: I wake up, shower and then head to the college library. College’s library is open 24/7, perfect for me because I do not work too well during regular hours (9am to 5pm). I choose to wake up and head to the library because I have a backlog of emails and messages I need to follow up as JCR BME Officer.

10am: I remain in the library for over two hours, swapping between responding to emails and looking through my Sociology revision. It is a period of lots of procrastination, but a few of the things on my to-do list were done, so more successful than not. I have a mock on Friday, so I have been revising my notes and planning essays. It is a slow and boring process; hence I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack to keep my spirits up.

12:30pm: I go to lunch with a friend. A much-needed break for my eyes and a warm meal. Since the accommodation on Central Site doesn’t have hobs or ovens, we head to the Dining Hall for lunch. It offers a great chance to socialise and adds some structure to my day, that as a humanities student can sometimes be missing.

1pm: Following a lunch break, I find it too hard to return to working in the library, so I pack up my stuff up and head to my room. I briefly look over some more notes and then browse YouTube. Following this I took a nap, because I can’t survive a day in Cambridge without one.

3pm: After my nap, I head to my desk to work. During this hour I complete a timed essay and look over my revision material.

5pm: After completing the timed essay, I treat myself with an academic break, so I jump on my bike and return books to Sidgwick Site. Sidgwick Site is the main campus for humanities and arts students. It’s under a 5-minute bike cycle or 10-minute work from Trinity Hall.

5:30pm: I attend a critical theory seminar in King’s College on Race and Decolonisation. Barbara Ransby is our seminar guest, the founder of the Ella’s Daughters and a community organiser. It is about the work of the Black Lives Matter movement and why that is only a small part of the larger black grass roots activism in the United States. After, I socialise with some friends from FLY, I see my college mum (a student in the year above who studies the same subject as me and acts as my mentor) and took a photo with the amazing Barbara Ransby.

8:30pm: Back to college. I go to the college bar, pick up a sandwich and reheat some soup. After watching some more Youtube videos, I revise.

9:30pm – 10:30pm: I complete a timed essay and then head to bed.


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