2014-03-02 (Open)

An open meeting was held on 2nd March 2014 at 18.45 in the Terrace Room. The JCR President (Ellen Judson) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

In attendance: 63

Talk from CUSU

  • Sam Ruiz, CUSU access officer came to give a talk about the stuff CUSU do and the CUSU elections. They have had issues this year with getting sufficient candidates to run for the elections.
  • He asked a series of questions about how CUSU could improve their outreach to students and opened the floor to questions from the JCR.

 Boat Club Rooms

  • Questions have been raised about whether it is fair for Boat Club to have set aside accommodation in college. They are the only society to have this right. These rooms are A2 (a set) and A4. They used to have a room in Avery court for memorabilia and social events but it flooded.
  • The boat club bring in a lot of funding. They have the weight of tradition behind them. Over a quarter of members of college have been in the boat club, they are the biggest single society (for JCR and MCR). It is convenient t have the boat club captains together and in a central location
  • Some think it’s unfair to give them preference just because they have a lot of members and have difficult large jobs, lots of societies and events require much communication and would benefit from college locations. Examples given include THMS, June event and JCR itself
  • The boat club Captain, Livi Carrington, explained all the events boat club organises, not just for boat club members but also with events like fireworks night cocktails and clubbing sessions open to all. They must also negotiate with other boat clubs, the Cambridge organising body and our own college.
  • Davina Moss asked what the boat club wants in terms of rooms. They answered that current allocation was enough. She also asked if the funding alumni give to the boat club depends on the captain’s having rooms. Mark Davidson responded that a lot of alumni think of the idea of a captain’s room and a store for memorabilia is very important to ex members.
  • Nick Harvey asked whether a college location was that crucial for the boat club. Mark responded that college is important as its accessible to all, especially to freshers.
  • Anna Dobson asked if captain’s rooms are common in other college, Livi said that she didn’t know of a college without this.
  • When J2 is renovated the rooms on A will remain in Boat clubs’ hands.
  • Charlotte Atwood asked why the captains need 2 rooms, would one for the overall captain suffice. Mark stressed the importance of communication was key. Davina pointed out that in her experience, living away from her counterparts in JCR and June Event has not made running the societies more difficult
  • Anna Dobson asks how rent will work for people returning early at start of term. This will behave like traditional vacation residence. Phone campaign still up in the air. Rowing week to be considered.
  • Zephyr made the point that if the rooms were to go to others they would most likely end up in the hands of just some bod, and that it seems BCC is more deserving of having it than a random person.
  • Anna also made the point that it might seem, in the eyes of others, that by taking away the rooms we were disrespecting the boat club.
  • Ellen made it clear that no other rooms would be blocked off in the ballot this year on  the boat club’s behalf.
  • Do we want: Boat Club to keep there rooms, Have only one room (either single room or set) or have no rooms at all.
    • JCR would prefer an options question
    • Question asked whether they could have rooms somewhere else. Kerry responded the most likely way this could happen would be by bumping them up the ballot
    • First question will be is any change wanted, with specific options as a later question
  • Tom Arnull asked whether it was necessary for memorabilia to be displayed in their rooms, could it go in clubhouse. The clubhouse is apparently already full.

JCR Committee updates

  • Ellen explains about the ballot times Thursday and Friday and deadlines for special considerations.
  • Marton Price asks what happens if you can’t come – Ellen explains how proxies work
  • Solene says that you don’t have to live with your ballot group.
  • Davina says to tell Ellen who your proxy is.
  • Comment made that first year medics and vets have an exam in the morning on Friday –Shreya say put a proxy in just in case but it should be fine.
  • Everyone is leaving! Sad times. But everyone did so many good things.

JCR Constitution

  • Changes to constitution: main change is that the welfare subcommittee is now actually on the JCR, have voting powers and can influence policy

Motion called to ratify the JCR constitution: 61 for, 1 abstention


The Open Meeting was held on the 2nd March 2014 and finished at 19.00 and was followed by Hustings.


Zephyr Penoyre

JCR Secretary



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