Hall of Fame

Yes! The Hall of Fame is back, and better than ever before. This page is a showcase for the best costumes we spot at Viva! — a tribute to the countless hours spent cutting, sticking, painting, stitching and botching on Saturday afternoons around college.

October 11th 2014 (Animal Kingdom)

December 6th 2013 (Xmas)

November 23rd 2013 (Doctor Who / 90s)

Daleks, time machines, French revolutionists and a gratuitous helping of S-Club… this week had it all.

November 9th 2013 (Anything but Clothes)

October 26th 2013 (Halloween)

We told you to get your spook on, and you certainly delivered. Outstanding effort by all again — here are some of our favourites!

October 12th 2013 (Tit Hall-ywood)

The stars of the red carpet at Tit Hall-ywood Viva! included a painstakingly detailed Hedwig, a gaggle of Na’vi and some of the beautiful Bond ‘girls’. Fantastic costumes from all the freshers, and congratulations to those who have made it into the Hall of Fame!