Lily Indira Kirkby:

Welfare Officer


Rajiv Guha:

Welfare Officer


As the Welfare Officers, we’re part of the extensive support network that Trinity Hall offers to ensure that you stay healthy and happy while you’re here. Our main job is to look out for your welfare and we are available at any time for an informal and confidential chat about any problems you may encounter — whether they’re health, relationship, family, friend or work related.

We can also give additional advice regarding sexual health and contraception, and related services offered by the University – there are free sexual health supplies in the Welfare Locker in F staircase (central site), BoHo common room, WYNG Gardens common room and BBC common room.

The Welfare team also put on a weekly Welfare tea, in the Terrace Room at 2pm on Sundays, where everyone gathers to have a relaxing chat, share their stories of the week as well as discuss any queries or problems with people who always want to listen. As well as this, Welfare tea is a great opportunity to enjoy some Sunday afternoon snacks free of charge!

The Instagram account (@tithall.welfare) is used by the Welfare officers to update everyone on all aspects of student welfare within college and the wider university community. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!

Tit Hall is an amazing community – we are here to help you enjoy Cambridge and stay happy in a place that has its stresses. Catch us or any of the welfare team for a chat – see you around!

Women and Non-Binary Officer: Isobel Nicholl (irn24)

Hey, I’m Izzy and I’m your women’s and non-binary officer for this year! I really want to focus on creating a safe and welcoming space by offering support to all self identifying women and non-binary JCR members. Please contact me either via facebook or email (irn24) if there is anything at all I can help you with! all my love xoxo

LBGT+ Officers: Jemma Forster (jlf62) and Ursie Griffiths (uihg2)

Hi everyone! We are Ursie (she/her) and Jemma (she/her) and we are your lgbtq+ officers for the next year! Our main responsibility is to prolong and improve the wonderful queer community here at Trinity Hall and the wider University, and to provide a comfortable, inclusive space in which we can offer support to students. We will soon be setting up a Facebook group and Instagram page so stay tuned for more information! Can’t wait to work with you all soon and please feel free to message either of us with any suggestions or questions xxx 🌈🌈

Disability and Special Considerations Officer: Olly Player (op291)

Hi, I’m Olly, I am a second year studying architecture and the disability and special considerations officer. I am responsible for the well-being and representation of disabled people within our college. I also make sure those requiring special considerations are supported and recognized. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions about what support is available or anything you think the college could do better in these areas.

Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer: Kailan Hanson (kth27)

Hey! I’m Kailan, a second year Historian and your Black and Minority Ethnic Officer for this year. My role is to ensure Trinity Hall is a welcoming space which caters to its ethnic minority students. I hope to create an environment for open and inclusive conversations about BME experiences, greater intersectionality, and, in light of the fact that we haven’t ‘seen’ much of each other this year, a stronger BME community within college. I’m always available via social media, or feel free to drop me an email (kth27) 🙂

Access Officer: Saajan Gill (sg931) and Levia Yee (lsly2)

Hey guys, we’re Saajan and Levia, both second year Natscis and your Access Officers for this year. We’re responsible for improving access to Tit Hall for prospective students from underprivileged backgrounds by hosting outreach events and dispelling myths about studying at Cambridge. Any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or email (sg931/lsly2)

International Officer: Dan Se (dys22), Jack Rennie (jaor2)

Heya, we’re Jack and Dan, first years studying History and Law, and we’ll be your International Officers this year! We’re mainly here to field any questions or concerns international students may have, and relay them to the college where necessary. We’re keen to get more (time-zone based) online events up and running for international students, which will hopefully revive your ailing lockdown social life without needing you to be up at witchy hours! Feel free to let us know if you’ve got any questions or suggestions (eager beavers that you may be) or would like to challenge some 800 rated Blitz/Bullet gods.

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