7. Mailing lists

The JCR runs several mailing lists – one main list which is aimed at all Trinity Hall undergraduates, and one for each year group (as well as several lists for committee members – more more info on these please contact the webmaster).

The main mailing list address is trinhall-jcr@lists.cam.ac.uk, and the individual year group mailing lists are of the form trinhall-jcr-[year]@lists.cam.ac.uk, where [year] is when your year-group arrived. For example, the mailing list for undergraduates who arrived in 2012 is trinhall-jcr-2012@lists.cam.ac.uk

Managing subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions to these mailing lists (and any others under the @lists.cam.ac.uk domain) using the mailman website (Raven login required). Here you can unsubscribe, temporarily disable mail delivery, or set your subscription to digest mode – this will bundle multiple emails together on busy lists so that you don’t receive so many emails.

You can also view archives of previous listings sent out for each mailing list you are subscribed to.

Posting to mailing lists

Posting to mailing lists is as simple as sending your listing to the list email address. The listing may then be moderated by the list administrators, and sent out to the mailing list if it is approved. This works for all @lists.cam.ac.uk mailing lists.

Making a mailing list

If you want to set up a new mailing list for a society under the @lists.cam.ac.uk domain, you’ll need to go through the UCS request form, a link to which can be found here, along with information on how to manage lists and members.

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