5. A guide to printing

The college runs several printers in both colour and black and white. You can print to these from your Desktop Services account when using a public workstation, or from your own computer via the college network (including on eduroam or UniOfCam).

The price, as of 2020, is dependent on the printer. Generally, the cost of printing black-and-white is cheaper than colour however, if you choose the colour printer it will still cost you more.

A list of available printers is here: https://www.ds.cam.ac.uk/dsprint/site/Trinity+Hall

Before printing from your own computer you will need to set up some software called PaperCut which will allow you to print to DS-Print printers. DS-Print printers are also used in many university departments, so you may be able to print in other places around the university, too. To set up the software, see this page: http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/desktop-services/ds-print/individual

Printing costs are deducted from your Common Balance, both in college and in most departments. New students will get £1 of credit pre-loaded. If you want to print more, you’ll need to top up your balance online (some departments will also top up your balance for you to cover course-related printing costs).

You can view and top up your balance here: http://www.ds.cam.ac.uk/balance/

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