1. Getting your passwords


Thankfully, the authentication system Cambridge uses now only requires one account (compared to 3 previously), and is very easy to set up. This one log on  is your University Information Services (UIS) account and will allow you to access services including (but not limited to):

  • your Outlook account. It is the university email service and you will need this to use your @cam.ac.uk email.
  • University-related websites (including, for example, our JCR website). Your department website may require you to log in, and so does the Trinity Hall intranet.
  • Moodle, which some courses use to upload resources to
  • University Workstations, such as the ones in the Jerwood or in your department.

Before you arrive in Cambridge, you should recieve an email (to the email used on UCAS) entitled “Cambridge University Student Registration” or something of the sort. Following the link and completing the instructions should provide you with a CRSID. This will look like “abc123” and will be a combination of your initials and a number. This is your email address – abc123@cam.ac.uk – and your log on for all of the above mentioned systems. You should get a temporary password, which you should  change immediately to something more memorable. This is your UIS password which will also be used for all of the above. Make sure your password is strong and memorable and don’t use the same password elsewhere.

You may see the term “UIS” and “Raven” be used interchangeably. Raven is the authentication system while UIS controls the account. Most people say Raven account anyway, so use whatever you want.

More information from UIS here: https://help.uis.cam.ac.uk/service/help-support/help-for-institutions/it-support-staff/accounts/regstudent

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