Useful welfare contacts

Porter’s Lodge: 01223 332500

College Counsellor: Sarah Parkin – please contact via the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team –

College CBT Therapist:Ruth Cocksedge – please contact via the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team –

Peer to Peer support: P2P website

Nightline (Student-run listening service open 7pm to 7am during full term): 01223 744444 or IM at

Samaritans (National Call line): 116 123

The University Counselling Service

CUSU welfare and academic issues

Student Advice Service’s Exam info

Welfare Sub-committee members: see Welfare page for email addresses, or catch us around college!

And don’t forget, there are always your college parents to talk to (they’ve been here a little longer and are always happy to give a bit of advice!)

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