General Health & Welfare

Finding a GP

It is advised when you come to Cambridge to register with a local GP. This is so that you can get an urgent appointment if necessary, which is difficult/you are unable to do if not registered. Click here for a list of GPs in the area. The surgeries closest to college are Trumpington Street Medical Practice, Newnham Walk Surgery (in Boots) and Bridge Street Surgery. These are all within a 5 minute walk from college.


Urgent Care Cambridge

Urgent Care Cambridge is an out-of-hours emergency doctors service that operates overnight and at weekends (6:00pm-8:30am every day). You can call the phone number or visit Chesterton Medical Centre to receive treatment/advice. If necessary, GPs or practice nurses can do a home visit.

Phone:  0330 123 9131


University Dental Service

While you don’t need to register for a dentist in Cambridge (as you can book routine checkups within vacations), there is a university ran service that can provide NHS and private dental treatment.


Phone: 01223 332 860

Address: 3 Trumpington Street, Cambridge

Opening Hours: 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm every weekday (closes at 4pm on Fridays)


General Safety around Cambridge

Cambridge is generally a rather safe and quiet town. The crime rate is low, and there are relatively few student incidents compared with other universities. However, it is always good practice to stay alert and safe, especially at night. Take some general precautions, such as travelling in a group in well-lit areas. If you feel unsafe, the porter’s lodges of other colleges will be able to help you out. The walk from Central Site to Wychfield is quite badly lit, so it would be advisable if you’re travelling on foot to try and walk in a group.

Cycling is a huge part of everyday Cambridge life, so it is important to stay safe. We encourage that you wear a helmet, have a decent bike lock and use lights on the front and back of your bike (you can get fined up to £80 if you don’t!). CUSU sells bike lights, helmets and locks, which can be found here:


Useful Contacts

The NHS 111 non-emergency service is available to call 24 hours a day, and gives advice on what your next steps should be if you are feeling unwell/suffer an injury, but it is not urgent or an emergency.

NHS Choices is also a great website for checking symptoms, and getting information on what to do next. The website is here:

The college nurse is also available for non-urgent queries. Her contact details are on the College Support page.

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