Grants and Funds

A list of funds available to Trinity Hall students is summarised below — these can be split into several categories: those for hardship, those for travel and those for research.  If you spot any errors in the following, please let the JCR Treasurer know, and it will be corrected as soon as possible.

Those who receive a grant from the government are also likely to be eligible for the Cambridge Bursary. You can apply here early in Michaelmas term. Remember to check the closing date – it’s quite early!

All the grants are listed below. It’s also worth filling in the HC1 form. You can apply for a form online. This is based entirely on your own income – NOT your parents’. This can give you free prescriptions and vouchers for optician’s and dentist’s appointments.

Hardship/access grants

The majority of this category of grants are administered under the Benn Bursary – I won’t list all those that are.

  • Benn Bursary – applications taken once per term. This is a grant for hardship. More information is available on a separate page.
  • John and Danielle Lyons Access Bursaries – eligible students will be informed in September each year.
  • Bell, Abbot and Barnes Fund – this is made available by the university, and you should be able to apply via a form from the tutorial office. This is available in Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms. Preference is given to children of the clergy, those educated at Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, St Paul’s London, Merchant Taylors, Hertfordshire or who were born in West Yorkshire. More info here.
  • Nigel Chancellor Fund –this is available to undergraduate or graduate historians of need help meeting the costs of researching or producing a thesis, with some money available for simple hardship. You must submit a description of the research project, detailing costs. A committee made up of Dr Chancellor, the Senior Tutor and the Director of Studies in History make the awards. This closes in Easter Term. NB, I would recommend passing this application via the Tutorial Office first – as they can certainly pass it on to the right place, but they may wish to deal with it first.
  • Overseas Student Bursary Fund – students who qualify for this will be automatically considered by the Admissions Committee once their Overseas Financial Guarantee has been received.

Travel and Vacation Grants

  • Taylor Travel Grants — this is open to both undergraduates and post grads, but not to students from North America. It is for the purpose of “private industry or research experience” in North America in the long vacation.  Scholarships will be awarded, subject to some conditions. Applications are taken online in Lent Term.
  • Gregson and Benn Travel Grants – travel for educational purposes, once in their undergraduate career. Awards vary according to destination and worthiness of project. Production of a brief report is required within one month of returning. Applications are taking online in Lent Term.
  • Ernest and Carmen Frankl Memorial Fund – travel for educational purposes, once in their undergraduate career. Brief report required. Applications in writing to the Senior Tutor, in Lent Term.
  • Donald Robertson Travel Fund – Trinity College has made this available to us. Undergrads must be before their final year and must wish to undertake ‘strenuous’ open air holidays in the Long Vacation, ‘preferably among mountains.’ Report required. Apply using a form from the Great Court Porter’s Lodge, Trinity College.

Other Funds

  • Tutors’ Benevolent Fund – pays for taxis for injured students and the cost of additional counselling where required. Applications may be made at any time during the academic year, and should be made through the Ad Hoc funding form.
  • Aula Fund – makes small grants towards the cost of representing the University in sport. Applications should be made through the ad hoc funding form.
  • Avery Fund – this is for students with a disability (inc long-term illness). Funds are allocated according to need and applications should be made through the ad hoc funding form. This is available from the Tutorial Office.
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