College provides laundry facilties across the 3 sites, including L staircase on Central site, New Build staircases & Boho at Wychfield, and in Bishop Bateman Court. The machines cost £2.00 for washing and £1.00 for the dryers, with the washing powder and other potions being provided by the user.


The college computer room is located on the top floor of the Jerwood library, and is open 24hours a day. Providing around 20 computers, the room is well equipped for whatever you should need during your time at college. Printers can also be found here, with prices starting from 5p per sheet (A4 black and white), charged straight to your college bill. Similar facilities exist in Wychfield at the top of A staircase (by the plodge).

In addition, college also has an IT team, located in G2 (central site). They are always happy to help you with any computing issues, along with providing things such as anti-virus software and cables for connecting to the internet. The Trinity Hall CSG (computer support group) is also available to help out.

Jerwood Library

Although it’s a shame we have to work at all, when it comes to the crunch there’s no better place to be than the stunning Jerwood Library. Overlooking the river and hapless tourists, the library contains a wide selection of basic texts, spaces to work, and is open 24 hours. Also contained within the library is the photocopying room (cards available from the porters lodge at £1 or £5).


Trinity Hall owns two punts in working order, and these are moored at our river dock during Easter term, and the early part of Michaelmas. Punts can be rented for £6 an hour from the plodge, and paid for either in cash, or via your college account. All the equipment is stored in a small room next to O staircase.