Useful dates

by Oli Lane

Latham lawn sunset

Michaelmas looms upon us once more, like New Year but with more resolutions and less bubbly. Here are some Useful Dates® to help you navigate.

  • Friday 3rd October: Entitlement to residence begins
  • Saturday and Sunday 4th-5th October: Arrival dates for most freshers
  • Tuesday 7th October: Full term begins
  • Thursday 9th October: Most lectures start, start of week 1 of Michaelmas term
  • Friday 5th December: Full term ends
  • Friday 12th December (10am): Entitlement to residence ends

If you’re a fresher (or clueless), here’s a quick glossary:

  • Entitlement to residence: Time period you rent your college room for. You must move in after it begins and before it ends, unless you’ve got your room over the holidays (this is not available in first year)
  • Full term: The time period the university expects you to be in Cambridge for, according to university statutes.
  • Michaelmas: Pronounced “mick-uhl-mus”. The first term of the academic year, the other two being the Lent and Easter terms.
  • Looms: Devices used to weave cloth.
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