Trinity Hall 7-A-Side Football Tournament

by Oli Lane

Trinity Hall’s annual 7-a-side tournament is coming up soon and you should join in!

  • Date: Thursday 13th June
  • Location: Wychfield
  • Time: the first games will be starting around 10.30am

The rules for squads are as follows:

  • No more than 10 people.
  • Maximum of 2 first team players
  • Each team must have at least two female players on the pitch

Teams are usually organised roughly along subject lines, however this is just a guideline, so feel free to pick whatever teams you want. Wear boots and shinguards if you have them but these aren’t essential if you don’t already own some. As anyone who was there last year can tell you it’s a great day out all round, the football is very relaxed and players of absolutely all levels or experience and ability are encouraged to come and enjoy themselves, as well as the food provided.

If you’re interested try and get a team together and send your names to Paddy Fee¬†ASAP. If you find yourselves a few players short, or even if you don’t have a team yourself please let him know and you can work out the details.

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