School’s out for summer

by Oli Lane
Image: Sammy Fairman

Image: Sammy Fairman

Well, folks, it appears another year has flown us by — in the immortal punnery of Zephyr the JCR Wordy-person, that’s Hall for now.

Before I attempt to force two cars’ worth of miscellaneous objects into one car and swoop away to the merry and mysterious lands of the West Midlands, though, I have a little house-keeping to do.

In classic Welfare style, cue music!


Firstly, you’ll all be thrilled to hear that I have another little questionnaire for you! Don’t worry — the world doesn’t stop turning if nobody pays any attention to this one, although I must warn you that if nobody replies then the webmaster may be sulkier than is customary for the next few weeks.

This one’s about the website itself. Please let me know what you like and what you don’t like about how I’m doing my job so far — if I can put my efforts into things people like and ignore things people don’t care about then everyone wins.


Secondly, if you run a society or are handing over the reins to a/some new leader(s)/president(s)/rep(s), please double check that your society’s page on the website is up to date. I’d love to have the societies section of the website perfectly prepared for next year’s freshers to peruse by the time they get their results.

That’s all from me for now — have a great summer, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which includes most things in the next few months..).

Over and out,
Oli (JCR Websitey-person)

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