Zohra Nabi – 1st Year – Law


Hi – I’m Zohra, and I’m a first-year law student at Trinity Hall. I chose the college because of its gorgeous gardens and library. My favourite part of studying here has been the time I’ve spent with the other law students, and how close we are as a cohort.

8.25 am: The latest possible time I can wake up to get to a 9am! Make a cup of coffee in the kitchen and say a sleepy good morning to the other girls on my staircase.

9am-1pm: Walk to the law faculty through Clare and across the Bridge of Sighs, ready for a full morning of lectures. Afterwards, grab a panini with friends on the Sidgwick Site.  

3pm-4pm: Supervision – this one a nice mix of discussion and having confusing parts of the course cleared up.

5.15pm-7pm: Choir rehearsal and then evensong (which we do twice a week).

7.30pm-9.00pm: Formal! Formal Hall is a sit-down dinner in hall that you get for free if you sing in choir (incentive to join?).

9.00pm: Evening will vary after that! I will usually go out once or twice a week, but some evenings are spent essay writing, others with friends watching a costume drama, or trying to bake in the microwaves.


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