Jonáš Fiala – 1st Year – Computer Science


Hi, I’m Jonáš from the Czech Republic and I’m studying Computer Science. I applied to Cambridge with an open application, though after one year I realise how lucky I got, being allocated Trinity Hall. It really is an amazing college!

6am-8.30am – Rowing in the second men’s boat means getting up early – however, the exercise really wakes me up and justifies a big breakfast in Hall afterwards.

9am-12pm – Typically, I will have two lectures in the morning during the week and one on a Saturday. I have an hour’s break between my lectures which I usually spend working on an online coding assignment.

12.30pm-1.30pm – Lunch is when I pick up all the latest gossip from my friends and take a well-earned break.

1.30pm-4pm – Once a week we have a hardware practical in which we apply theory of digital electronics in order to develop hardware such as an electronic die. On other days I may be preparing for supervisions or training with the Cambridge Ice Hockey team.

5pm-6pm – In my supervision I discuss with an academic and 1-2 other people one of our topics. Today we are discussing Dijkstra’s algorithm.

6pm – At dinner I’ll catch up with my friends and watch a movie in someone’s room or go out.

6.30pm-8.30pm – Finish off my work for the day.

8.30pm – Get together with some friends to unwind – today that means going to the cinema.

12.30am – Luckily tomorrow is the only day I don’t have to get up early, so I can afford to be up late.


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