Jacob Stevens – 2nd Year – Economics




8am: My alarm goes off. I usually lie in bed reading the news for half an hour or so and pretend this counts as work. I then get up and find myself coffee and breakfast.

9am: Get myself sorted for the day. If I’m going to 10am lecture, this means making myself presentable and walking over to Sidgwick Site (where all lectures take place). If there’s no lecture, I’ll find my laptop, a blanket, and somewhere comfortable to sit.

10am: Sometimes lectures, sometimes getting some supervision work done. As an economist, this sometimes means reading articles for an essay, and sometimes it means solving the maths problems I’ve been set for the week.

12:30pm: Lunch! If I’m at home this usually means reheating some leftovers, if I was at lectures I’ll grab something in college.

1:30pm: Make my way over to the college bar and get myself a large coffee and a table. I usually spend a good few hours here, especially if some of my friends are around to play some games of pool during work breaks.

4:30pm: Sainsburys to buy dinner, then home.

5:30pm: Cook dinner, eat dinner. This is usually pretty simple, but if I’ve got friends coming round I try and make something a bit nicer – and I try and make sure there’s plenty of leftovers to have for lunch!

7:30pm: If I’m feeling up to it I’ll try and get some more work done, otherwise I’ll socialise with friends or watch some TV.

9:30pm till late: Someone will ask “Are we going out?”, and once or twice a time I’ll say “Yes!” with enthusiasm. The rest of the time, we’ll end up watching a film or playing a few more rounds of pool, then fall asleep.

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