Evie Smyth – (Law, 3rd Year)


FROM: Co.Cork, Republic of Ireland. Studied A Levels in Birmingham
SCHOOL SUBJECTS: A Levels in History, English Literature and Spanish. Psychology AS.

Why Law?

Unlike many applicants to Law, I had no set ambitions to become a lawyer. Yet I found myself intrigued by and inquisitive of this ever-evolving body of principles and rules which shapes and regulates our society. As an academic discipline, Law demands a great degree of critical thinking. Its wonderfully diverse; one day you might by debating the legality of the use of force in the international sphere and the next pouring over the reasoning of the court in a negligence case.

What advice would you give prospective applicants?

Apply! If you are truly passionate about the subject, then don’t let the fear of not being good enough get in your way. How do you know if you’re passionate? Read around the subject. I would recommend ‘What About Law’ for a basic understanding of subjects you will study in a Law degree. Then find more specific areas that interest you; for me it was as random as the South African constitution and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This will give you something to write about in your personal statement too!

Has Trinity Hall lived up to your expectations?

Trinity Hall is THE BEST. I have met amazing friends here. The college is beautiful and in a perfect location. Follow your instinct when choosing a college!

What do you do when you’re not working?

We socialise a lot, in the JCR, at the pub, in terrible dingy clubs…The student theatre in Cambridge is fantastic; I have acted in some plays and watched many more. I’m also involved in RAG and try to go interesting debates at the Union.

What’s your favourite thing about Trinity Hall/Cambridge?

It’s just so loveable.