David Powell – 4th Year – Engineering


I’m David and I’m a 4th Year Engineer. Unlike most undergrads at Trinity Hall, I live in a privately rented house with some other 4th year Engineers and Medics.

8:30am: Wake up. As our house is a bit further from town, I have to make sure I leave plenty of time in the mornings!

10:00am-12:00pm: Lectures. I have one or two lectures each morning. These cover topics within my Engineering specialism, which is Information Engineering.

12:30pm: Lunch in College.

1:00pm-5:30pm: Work in College. In addition to exams, 4th year Engineers also complete a project; I’m attempting to store digital data on vinyl records. In the afternoon I work on either my project or the material from lectures in the College cafe. As 4th year students don’t have any supervisions, our work schedule is very flexible.

5:30pm-late: I usually head home in time for tea, which I usually cook with my housemates. In my spare evenings I play the guitar in a jazz and funk band and have regular rehearsals and gigs at events around Cambridge.

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