Alice McGenity – (Natural Sciences, 3rd Year)

alice mcg

FROM: Yorkshire
SCHOOL SUBJECTS: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Why Natural Sciences?

I’ve always liked science, and I wanted to do a course which would give me the freedom to learn different disciplines and have a varied day-to-day life.

What advice would you give prospective applicants?

Try to keep up on what’s going on in science at the moment, and focus on things that are interesting to you – there are some really great podcasts, like the Naked Scientists, and magazines like New Scientist are a good way to find out about the latest research and learn about interesting things you might not hear in the classroom.

Any specific interview advice?

Try to do a practise interview if you can, but most of all stay calm and say exactly what you’re thinking. Science interviews test the way you solve problems, so getting the answer right isn’t necessarily the important part – it’s how you approach the question and explain the steps you’re taking that really matters.

Has Trinity Hall lived up to your expectations?

It’s surpassed my expectations! College has a great atmosphere, a good social life and people are generally really friendly and supportive.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I run the college NatSci society with my friend, which involves organising talks and social events for the members. Maintaining a good social life is really important, and stops me getting too stressed!

What’s your favourite thing about Trinity Hall/Cambridge?

The people – I’ve met friends for life and brilliant teachers here, and the level of social support is unbelievable.