Financial Help

Cambridge and Trinity Hall are committed to allowing the best students study at Cambridge regardless of household income, and Cambridge offers one of the largest bursaries of all universities in the country. These range up to £3500 pounds per year depending on income.

In January 2011 students from across the university fought to maintain bursaries at these current heights. On top of the University-wide bursaries Trinity Hall offers the Benn Bursary to its students which can be applied for each term to alleviate monetary hardships.

Trinity Hall also offers generous travel grants which can make a substantial contribution to the cost of exciting summer adventures. Other grants from across the university are also available depending on the purpose of your trip.

For more (and probably more up to date info) refer to the corresponding page on the college website:

More thorough financial advice and information on bursaries can be requested; just give us an email on

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