History of Art

8.00 Drag myself out of bed. Shower, eat and resist the urge to go back to bed with a large dose of caffeine.

9.45 Head to the department for my ten o clock lecture. It is an easy walk/cycle straight down King’s Parade, past the famous King’s College chapel and the Fitzwilliam Museum. Probably the best way for an Art Historian to start the day!

11.30 Back in college after my lecture. Time for an hour’s reading before lunch (and another coffee).

12.30 Lunch in Hall. Depending on how close my essay deadline is this may be followed by some more reading of just a cup of tea and catch-up with some friends.

1.45 Leave college for my afternoon lecture. Usually this is offsite, perhaps in a College Chapel or the Fitzwilliam Museum. That is one of the best features of the course at Cambridge: you get to experience works of art and architecture first hand instead of out of books.

2.30 Back in college, and head to the Jerwood Library. Between now and dinner is a good opportunity for some uninterrupted work. Also (inevitably) a good time for distraction and procrastination.

6.00 Dinner in Hall. Unless I am hideously disorganised and have a 2000 word essay to write by the following morning (it happens), I will do a little more reading before stopping for the evening.

8.00 Depending on the day of the week, it might be time to start getting ready to go out. It is a myth that people don’t ‘go out’ in Cambridge. We may not have the biggest selection of clubs, but we like to believe in the phrase ‘quality not quantity’. If I stay in I might watch a film with some friends, or chill out in the JCR.

12.30 (ish) Bed.

Hettie Kelly (2nd Year)