Previous JCR committees


  • President: Davina Moss
  • Vice President: Kerry Corley
  • Treasurer: Christian von Drehle
  • Ents Presidents: Dan Jones, Daisy Harrison
  • First Year Reps: Joel Daramola, Sandy Rushton, Nick Hands
  • Secretary:  Zephyr Penoyre
  • Webmaster: Oli Lane
  • Access Officers:  Alissa Lamb, Megan McPherson
  • Green, Ethical and Charities Officer:  Joseph Chroston-Bell
  • Male Welfare:  Nick Harvey
  • Female Welfare:  Georgia Ware
  • LGBT+ Officer: Gareth Mattey
  • International Representative: Solene Fercocq
  • Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer: Gino Engle
  • Special Considerations Officer: Niki Wood
  • Women’s Officer: Louise Ashwell

2010 – 2011

President: James Horscroft

Treasurer: Vivek Sadhwani

Vice President: Madeleine Fresko

Ents President: Alastair Kendall

First Year Reps: Ed West, Josh Armstrong, Jimmy Murray

Secretary:  Aislinn Bunning

Web and Publicity Officer: Pierce Glennie

Access Officer:  Jake Unwin & Niamh Hunt

Green Officer:  Pratyancha Pardeshi

Services Officer:  Nick Howe

LGBT Representative: Rob Willoughby

Welfare Officer (Men’s):  Ben Russell

Welfare Officer (Women’s):  Rhiannon Jones

International Representative: Renie Spranger

Hallmark Editor: Xanthe Dennis

2009 – 2010

President: James Taggart

Vice-President (Treasurer): Isobel Daley

Vice-President (External): Sam Wakeford

Ents President: Freddie Parker

First Year Reps: Gerarg Tully, James Horscroft, Madeleine Fresko

Secretary: Laurence Coldwell

Webmaster: Tom Long

Womens’ Officer: Zoe Proud

Academic Affairs Officer: Michelle Thompson

Green Officer: Olivia Duncan

Services Officer: Chris Maxwell

Welfare Officers: Stephanie Davin, Joe Newman

International Representative: Irina Kozlova

Hallmark Editor: Tim Wickson

June Event President 2010: Jessica Donnithorne

2008 – 2009

President: David Lock

Vice-President (Treasurer): Crispin Alexander

Vice-President (External): Fleur Delaney

Ents President: Alec Medaney

First Year Reps: James Taggart, Jenny Wilson, Michelle Thompson

Secretary: Anna Machin

Webmaster: Tom Long

Womens’ Officer: Caroline Organ

Academic Affairs Officer: Fiona Conway

Access Officer: Andy McGowan

Green Officer: Laurence Coldwell

Services Officer: David Molony

Welfare Officers: Mark Collins, Emma Farfan

June Event President 2009: Clare James

2007 – 2008

President: Rob Chapman

Vice-President (Treasurer): Tom Hemingway

Vice-President (External): Gary Tse

Ents President: Dave Lock

Secretary: Katie Craig

Womens’ Officer: Rhian Keyse

Academic Affairs Officer: Becky Valori

Access Officer: Meghan Ormerod

Green Officer: Emily Dunning

Services Officer: Ryan McCarron

Welfare: Alex Peters, Hollie Chandler

2006 – 2007

President and Access Officer: Hannah Mabbutt

Vice-President (Treasurer): Will Sorby

Vice-President (External): Jamie Munk

Ents President: James Watson

Secretary: Katrina Jones

Womens’ Officer: Sharon Jacobs

Academic Affairs: Isabel Gammie

Access Officer: Afi Narh-Saam

Green Officer: Laura Hurley

International Rep: Blake Sherwin

LBGT Rep: Jenny Skene

Services Officer: Dave Merrick

Welfare: Judith Jackson

June Event President 2007: Angela Brookes

2005 – 2006

President: Rachel Price

Vice President (External): Ben Maraney

Vice President (Treasurer): Alasdair Jones

Secretary: Oli Bolland

Women’s Officer: Fiona Fee

Academic Affairs Officer: Helen Craig

Access Officer: Hannah Mabbutt

Green Officer: Sam Hole

International Officer: Michael Mah

LBGT Rep: David Lloyd

Services Officer: Katja Armstrong

Welfare Officer: Astrid Jenkinson

June Event President 2006: Erica Foskett

2004 – 2005

President: James Thomas

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