Not here – Josh (late), Aga, Alice, Anna (late), Vicki (late), Freya (late)


Sam Pulman-Slater (President, SP hereafter)
Jennie Towler (Vice President, JTo hereafter)
Mira Nadarajah (International Rep
Meg Woodward (Special Considerations Officer)
Catherine Hooper (Secretary, CH hereafter)
David Powell (Ents President, DP hereafter)
Sam Slattery (Ents President, SS hereafter)
Jade Treneary (Access Officer, JTr hereafter)
Anna Murray (Women’s Officer, AM hereafter)
Hanan Ziad (Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer, HZ hereafter)
Freya Tonnesen (Accommodation and Services Officer, FT hereafter)
Laura Salzmann (Green and Ethical Officer, LS hereafter)
Dom O’Neill (Welfare Officer, DO hereafter)
Josh Send (Webmaster, JSe hereafter)
Veer Goiporia (Treasurer, VG hereafter)
Vicki Morrison (Frep, VM hereafter)
Jonathan Smith (Frep, JSm hereafter)

Apologies from: Alice Sowton (Welfare Officer, AS hereafter), Aga Koc (Frep, AK hereafter)


  1. Minutes and Matters Arising
    1. Objections to the minutes of the last meeting
      1. Matter arising: pronouns used in the constitution for Welfare Officers
  • (SP) Issue: How would a self-defining non-binary person apply for a welfare role?
  • (AM) Suggestion: Spoke to women’s forum and they suggested that we change the Constitution so that all the welfare officers are put into the same vote pool and the top two officers by votes get the welfare roles
  • Written in constitution as a genderless role and each JCR still gets two votes
  • Students will be reminded that they are not just voting for themselves and that keeping the committee as diverse as possible is always beneficial
  • The amendment to the constitution will be removing the bracketed section


  1. Committee Member Updates
    1. TH40 (AM)
  • Women’s officer training:
    Intersectionality work going well
    New sexual health policy (Sexual Assault Policy University Wide) – if a student is sexually assaulted, details of the assault will be reviewed by a committee and depending on the severity of the assault, the committee will decide whether the case should be handed back to the college, or whether the university should handle the case
  • TH40:
    The portrait goes up on July 14
    Easel is supposedly an obstruction (balcony/alcove)
    Photographer commissioned – interested in diversity, things we don’t know or overcome certain things

Photos change weekly and will include pictures of females in college:
2 Staff
2 Alumni
2 Fellows
This is also an interview project, so each photograph will be accompanied by an interview

  • Sanitary Products in Women’s Toilets:
    Sanitary products into toilets out of Femfo/Women’s Officer budget
    (Specifically an emergency and maybe replace if used so it becomes self-sufficient)
    A sanitary bin should be in each toilet
  • Panel discussion: 5 Alumni Women’s Officer (1972 – Eric, first women’s officer)
    1. Subletting (JTo)
  • 2 people asked to sublet for two days but ended up being sorted by Rosie
  • Advertised earlier
    1. Hand-overs (JTo)
  • Start getting ready to hand over
  • Prepare a document with responsibilities and important contacts
  • Screenshots of important emails so that a record is kept
  • Run drop in sessions before hand
    1. LGBT+
  • LGBT+ dinner has been cancelled as the organisation was difficult and it wasn’t possible to get enough funding
    1. Wifi (JSe)
  • Wyng wfi is being sorted
  • JCR has been highlighted before for bad wifi but unfortunately could not be resolved
    1. Climate change (LS)
  • Climate change talks need to be posted on Facebook
    1. Books (DO)
  • Welfare books in the library
    (Reading about mental health, “Reasons to stay alive” and general fiction for happiness)


  1. A.O.B.
  • (FT) Will set up a joint gmail account for the Accommodation and Services Officers to aid handover and keep records in one place.
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