2014-11-17 (Open)

An open meeting was held on 17th November 2014 at 18:45 in the Terrace Room.

President (Ellen Judson) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

In attendance: 40

There were no Objections to the agenda.

1) Subletting

  • Ellen read the proposal for the subletting scheme to be introduced, emphasising that it would help a few people stay on during the holidays.
  • Sandy Rushton said that it should be emphasised that whoever is staying in the room at the time has responsibility for it, and that the usual occupant should fill out the room audit form
  • Ellen said that college would hold the owner of the room responsible for any damage.
  • A member of the JCR asked who would be charged for internet. Treasurer Emily Bosley stated that internet usage was measured for a device, not the room.

2) JCR Operations

  • Ellen noted the low turnout at the current meeting. She wondered if this was because the event seemed to be very optional.
  • Solene Fercocq encouraged the Fresher’s in attendance to respond, who state that many people simply had work.
  • A JCR member noted that 3rd years might not feel that the committee is that significant to them, as they will be leaving soon.
  • Sandy Rushton said that it should be emphasised that we need to vote on funding, and that a Facebook event should be made for the next open meeting.

3) Accounts

  • Copies had been distributed of proposed societies funding allocations. These were voted on and the vote was unanimously in favour.
  • Emily Bosley enquired about the general feeling towards certain expenditures. It was generally felt that SKY TV was good value for money, as well as newspapers.

4) CUSU Ede and Ravenscroft Fur Campaign

  • Gemma, a representative from CUSU made the case that fur sold at Ede and Ravenscroft was cruelly harvested and should not be purchased. Gemma clarified that the motion at CUSU states that CUSU suggests that colleges and the University effect a boycott.
  • Emily Bosley, arguing against, stated that the JCR does not purchase any fur, Ede and Ravenscroft’s practices could be made clear to future TH students when deciding where to purchase their gowns, and noted that the undergrad gowns sold at E&R are of a higher quality than Ryder and Amies, and boycotting would be an excessive reaction.
  • Sand Rushton argued that if the boycott were effected then it would simply force E&R to implement an ethical policy, and we could resume business with them.
  • JCR member Eddie millet enquired if the boycott would be stopped if E&R changed their policy. Gemma answered yes.
  • A vote was held, 25 voted in favour, 11 against and 4 abstentions
  • It therefore was agreed that Ellen and Solene would support the motion at CUSU council, although might argue for a clear amendment stating circumstances under which the boycott would end.

5) AOB

  • Sandy Rushton briefly mentioned that she and the Committee were looking to implement a harassment policy, noting that the committee wanted a more comprehensive policy detailing procedures for when harassment was reported, as well as a separate sexual harassment policy. Sandy noted that the committee has had difficulty implementing this with the college.
  • The Students in attendance seemed supportive
  • Ellen mentioned that a welfare survey had gone out, noted the Committee’s concern about welfare provision in college, and stressed that a student could switch tutor easily.
  • Gemma gave CUSU updates
  • Ents President Lizzie Gaunt asked for any Ents feedback, noting low superhall attendances. Some freshers stated that it would be good to vote on themes, and that vegetarian options were often unsatisfactory.


The Open Meeting for Lent Term finished at 19:30 and was followed by Frep Hustings.

James Troup
JCR Secretary

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