A meeting of the JCR Committee was held at 5pm on the 2nd November 2014

Those present were: Ellen Judson (President), Solene Fercocq (Vice President), Emily Bosley (Treasurer), Hux Norman (Ents President), Lizzie Gaunt (Ents President, Oli Labe (webmaster) Dale Walmsley (Frep), Anna Dobson (Frep), Sunny Honda (Frep), Eowyn Elliott (female welfare), Joel Daramola (male welfare), Jenni Irons (Special considerations), Sandy Rushton (Women’s officer), Furqaan Kaji (Black and ethnic minorities officer), James Troup (Secretary), Ethan Quek (International Rep), Anna Edgar (Green & Ethics)

Apologies: JCR rep to MCR, Joe Pape (Access), Jacob Sen (LGBT+ rep)

Updates from President

  • Ellen Judson (EJ): Met with Dr Jackson, tutor training had been conducted and was felt to have been a success. Dr Jackson was happy with how Fresher’s week had gone, as well as the consent workshops.
  • Dr Jackson and the Master are happy to attend the next open meeting and participate in a Q&A.
  • EJ: the development office enquired about how people felt the careers evening had gone. Anna Dobson (AD) said she would have liked to have known what the speakers actually did, rather than just what they had studied. Sandy Rushton (SR) said she would have like to have seen more ex arts students the. Eowyn Elliot (EE) raised the idea of careers speed dating.
  • EJ: discusses the addition of an Alumni and Development Rep position on the JCR, to be included within the current Secretarial Role.

Sexual Harassment Policy

  • EJ reported that she had discussed this with Dr Jackson, but had not received an overwhelmingly positive response, as having a separate policy for sexual harassment is controversial, and changing the policy cannot be done by the Senior Tutor but requires the participation of the statutory committee. The Master was unsure exactly whose jurisdiction this matter would come under.
  • SR said she would look into the matter further and try and establish who the relevant people to talk to would be.
  • EJ and SR more generally reasserted the importance of a policy, stating that it is key that people understand what the procedure will be when they report an incident. EJ noted that the main issue is that College do not seem to have a set procedure.

 Action: EJ and SR to investigate the matter further, find out who sits on the statutory committee and how the policy can be pushed forwards.

Subletting Scheme

  • EJ stated that she has now sent a proposal for a holiday room subletting scheme. A few points of clarification were that it still has to be decided who would administer the scheme, Also noted that those participating would not be able to charge higher than their rent.
  • SR stated that an online form would be desirable. Solene Fercocq (SF) agreed that this would be better than email.
  • SR questioned whether there would be a contract. EJ stated that the probably wouldn’t be and any issues would be handled informally. Tutors would be informed of who was in what room at any time in order that any costs for damage etc would be correctly billed.
  • Emily Bosley (EB) stated that payment would be before the term of residence, and that cleanliness would be highlighted.
  • AD asked whether those letting their room would be able to leave their things there. SF stated that this would be agreed upon between the parties concerned.
  • EE stated that it would be important for the room audit form to be filled out beforehand.

Superhall Finances

  • Lizzie Gaunt (LG) stated that she was concerned that the Ents account had not been receiving the proper money for hosting Superhalls, and noted that they still only have partial access to the Ents account. They should be receiving £95 per superhall from College.
  • EJ said that the Ents Presidents should have a proper meeting with the Junior Bursar over this, and she and SF were happy to attend as well.
  • All agreed that the JCR committee was happy to supplement the Ents budget in the meanwhile.

Action: Ents Presidents and EJ/SF to meet with Junior Bursar to discuss the above.

Open Meeting

  • EJ: the Master, Senior Tutor and Junior Bursar are to be invited to attend the open meeting. SF questioned whether it might be better to have a separate open meeting with them in attendance, to which EJ agreed.
  • AD was sceptical as to whether any 2nd partially FRep hustings. SF said it should be made clear that people can leave after the meeting ends and before the hustings start.
  • To be discussed: EJ to talk about sexual harassment. James Troup (JT) to talk about issues regarding mess/noise in the library/JCR. It was also noted that JT should send an email to similar effect
  • SR noted the importance of emphasising to FRep candidates not to try to campaign through social media, after a brief discussion the committee was in agreement that this remains a sensible policy, to avoid excluding those who don’t use social media, as well as any excessive level of campaigning.

Action: JT to email JCR

Fresher’s Week Survey/Kitchens

  • SF: Freps to send this out, first thing for new FReps to do.
  • SF asked whether anybody had any issues to raise at the next meeting of the Kitchen Committee. AD mentioned hot desserts which have appeared at time, but not regularly. EB mentioned that Bruschetta should not count as a main meal. EE questioned the potential for (non-potato) Waffles at Brunch.
  • EJ noted the rise in Café prices, especially for Sandwiches. Hux Norman (HN) stated that this was due to the college encouraging a change to Fairtrade products. EE mentioned that Wine was hugely expensive at the bat as well. SR noted that Wendy the Bartender may not have much control over this.
  • For the Sandwiches they should stock more of cheaper varieties, as often staff can’t afford the more expensive ones with their coupons.
  • EJ noted that lots of Sushi is stocked and questioned whether people ate this. HN stated that they did.
  • EJ questioned whether there could be more rolls in the dining hall. SF said that this might be a complex issue.
  • SF reminded that people should use the feedback forms.
  • AD also mentioned the upcoming meeting of the education committee and asked whether she or the new FRep should go. EJ stated that perhaps they should both attend.

Green and Ethics Update

  • Anna Edgar (AE) stated in relation to the wine that anyone with any queries of Fairtrade products should discuss them with her. She would like the JCR Committee to issue a statement in support of Fairtrade; AD mentioned that this would be a pertinent issue to raise at the open meeting.
  • In regard to the living wage, it was mentioned that the Dean would like to see a JCR statement on the living wage. SR noted that she has a contact at another college who could help draft one, Sf also mentioned that we could discuss it with CUSU.
  • EB and EJ reminded that if we raise this issue with college, they are likely to respond that the living wage is made up for by the food coupons that staff receive.
  • EB noted that at the end of the day it is for the staff to negotiate and the committee should just issue some statement regarding our stance on living wage.
  • EJ brought up the issue of ethical investments and mentioned that the master had not seemed overwhelmingly supportive of this, and perhaps would not be looking for student advice on the subject.

General Election

  • SF asked what the committee might do to encourage people to vote in the upcoming general election.
  • SR asked she didn’t know who would register us to vote. Previously this was Mark Whitehead the head porter, acting as head of household. SF noted that through CUSU she had learnt that the law had changed in this respected and people would have to register themselves. SF noted that CUSU were interested in encouraging/facilitating this.
  • SF mentioned the possibility of having some political discussions in college. JT mentioned inviting speakers from parties, but it was felt there was an issue of inviting all of the parties in order to maintain neutrality. SR stated something similar to the feminist forum would be good.
  • SF stated that she would email the JCR, but the whole thing could be handled with the new committee closer to the time. Ethan Quek (EQ) also questioned which international students would be able to vote, as he believed that commonwealth students could.
  • SF informed the committee that we now have a sabbatical officer responsible for being a CUSU rep to Trinity Hall, and suggested we meet with them over Brunch.
  • It was mentioned that there had been some discussion as to whether this Rep would be regularly invited to committee meetings. It was noted however that most other JCR committees were not doing this, and it was felt that a lot of business wouldn’t be relevant for the rep, whilst some discussion should have an element of privacy within the committee.
  • SF urged the committee, on the advice of CUSU, to think about which students were heard by the JCR committee, this being something to consider especially at the upcoming open meeting
  • EJ noted that the JCR office was messy and needed to be cleaned.
  • Joel Daramola (JD) mentioned that the bike shed at Bishop Bateman Court is of inadequate size. Oli Lane (OL) mentioned that temporary ones could be placed on the gravel there. SF suggested a different spot, SR noted that there are two totally abandoned bikes there that need to be removed. EB mentioned that there seems to be insufficient space in North Court as well. AE asked whether there was some spare space in the garage, where the fellows keep their bikes.
  • JD asked whether the Welfare reps should hold a week 6 pyjama party. It was agreed that they should.
  • AD stated that she and the other FReps were going to arrange drop-in sessions in the Café for any Freshers interested in the role.
  • HN asked if his previous queries about toastie makers had been followed up. EB stated that she had looked into it and they were prohibited in the student handbook as a moveable heated plate.
  • EE reminded the committee about the student switch off and encouraged people to take part. She and AE discussed the idea of a Fairtrade welfare tea
  • HN encouraged people to support the Trinity Hall movember participants
  • JT reported briefly from the Library Committee. In addition to concerns about mess noise, there is also discussion of replacing the book scanning system as well as installing some new desk lamps. However, when either of these things will happen is as yet unclear.
  • SF asked what two main points the committee would like to discuss with Dr Jackson as their aims. It was broadly agreed that the sexual harassment policy was important, as well as the clarification of tutorial policies more generally.


The Second meeting of the JCR Committee for Michaelmas Term 2014 ended at 6pm on the 2nd November 2014

James Troup (jgt28)

JCR Secretary

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