2014-01-26 (Open)

A meeting was held on 26th January 2014 at 18.45 in the Terrace Room. The JCR President(Davina Moss) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

In attendance: 35

1) Committee Updates

  • Access have the alternative prospectus on track, they’re now just waiting for a designer then it will be up on web. They also thank people for signing up for the shadowing scheme, mfor which Tit Hall has had the largest response of any college.
  • Welfare are working on tutorial system, looking to promote tutors being trained in giving welfare. CUSU are also working on it, they sent out a survey last Easter, the conclusion of which was the idea that tutors may need training in college.
  • Welfare team are going to present an argument to college, they would appreciate anyone’s ideas on how best to reform the tutorial system.
  • Emily Bosley pointed out that tutors often seem to be lacking in information and part of the training should be to ensure they remain informed.
  • Benn Bursary transparency to be improved, committee will be formed to discuss this, please get in touch with Georgia Ware if you’d like to contribute.
  • Women’s events going very well, strong turnout from all years.
  • Joe Chroston-Bell asks people to make sure they recycle stuff.
  • Zephyr explained that magazines will soon be appearing in the JCR, and urges peopleto treat them nicely. Also soon (hopefully) he’ll be setting up a charging station in the library, probably in the computer room, with all the common chargers he can think of.
  • FREPS say marriage plans are going well, urge people to not book into wedding formal if not a fresher.

2) Rent Announcements

  • Across Cambridge colleges are having rent negations, Davina presents the fruits of our arrangements with college.
  • We did our rent negotiations a year early to deal with changes to Clems. This round of negotiations will stand for two or three years, until Clems is finished, unless JCR want a renegotiation earlier.
  • Previously rent went up as RPI + 3% per year, negotiated down to RPI +2% every year.
  • Bursar wants us to up all single rooms, which we are previously very cheap on, to go up by 10%. BOHO and Dean House will stay at same price, central site will go up by 10%, except newly renovated rooms which go up 13%. BBC goes up 16%. 1 pound extra on every New Build room. BBC currently the most underpriced and this should make future rent fairer.
  • College introducing 40 week rents. It has been logistically difficult for college to arrange undergrad and conferencing arrangements. They wanted this for everyone in all rooms. We have negotiated with them to allow you to choose between, 30 week licences, 35 week (probably only covering Easter) or 40 week. Must be picked before the ballot. Two connected new build staircases will only be available with 30 week rents. Rooms allow a choice of rent period.
  • Central site will only be available on 30 week rents. Any central site residents will be able to find residence if needed, but not in central site.
  • Rent in the holidays will hopefully be at a 20 percent discount.
  • Considering a subletting agreement where JCR may help arrange for people with extra accommodation which they don’t need be used by others who do.
  • Chances of changing licence agreements part way through the year are very slim so requires good forward planning.
  • This will begin at this next ballot, and everything will be sorted for then. MMLers situation still needs to be assessed
  • Scholar’s benefit in its current form is perceived as unfair in this light, we are negotiating a new scholars benefit that is more fair in this new situation
  • College will still subsidise people who cannot afford accommodation if they are forced to live somewhere beyond their means.
  • Anna Dobson asks how rent will work for people returning early at start of term. This will behave like traditional vacation residence. Phone campaign still up in the air. Rowing week to be considered.
  • EB asks where the 40 weeks lie. It starts week before fresher’s and ends the week after may week. JCR to look into where the 40 weeks lie exactly and whether they add up to 40.
  • Lizzie Gaunt asks whether if people balloting with you will have to have same rent agreement. They will not, as everyones balloting choices are independent.
  • Marton Price asks when scholars benefit will be removed. Not until the end of this academic year.
  • Addie Lie points out that the Access To Learning fund is designed exactly for people in these difficulties.

3) AOB

  • Davina may see you all in life. She thanks everyone at tit hall for the wonderful time shes had as president
  • Kerry led a rousing thanks to Davina, Dan and Daisy for all their hard work and many achievements.


The Open Meeting for Lent Term was held on the 26th January 2014 and finished at 19.00 and was followed by President and Ents-President Hustings.


Zephyr Penoyre

JCR Secretary



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