JCR/ 1st Meeting Easter 2013/Minutes


A meeting of the JCR Committee was held on 28th April 2013.

Those present were: Davina Moss (JCR President), Zephyr Penoyre (Secretary), Kerry Corley (Vice President), Alissa Lamb, Megan McPherson (Access Officer), Joseph Chroston-Bell (Green Officer), Dan Jones, Daisy Harrison (Ents Presidents), Josh Armstrong (JCR Rep to MCR), Sandy Rushton, Nick Hands, Joel Daramola (First Year Reps), Oliver Lane (Web and Publicity Officer) Solene Fercocq (International)

Apologies: Sukhmani Khatkar and Josh Armstrong (JCR Rep to MCR), Christian von Drehle (Treasurer)

College Questionaire

Make people do it by any means necessary, “go up to third years an hit them” Davina Moss

Alternative prospectus

Louis Morris volunteered to help set up committee. Have referred to Emma and Trinty’s and hope to set up video and interactive parts as well. Possibly hope to be done by end of term, need to search out contributors for Day in the life, editing and photos. Going to email JCR, set up a facebook group. Suggested quick interviews, giving students cameras. Ex (2008) JCR president has offered an old alternative prospectus for reference and to take material. Publish online and flesh out with more interactive stuff. Suggested combing elements with the freshers pack.


Welfare tea once a week, not a regular time but advertised every week so as not to exclude people. Jog squad started, great success. Proposal with Bampos and kitchens to have big “English tea” nearer exams, bid for an “elastic fortress”.


Start doing film nights in the lecture theatre, possibly extending to Wychfield, researching this delegated to Louise and Niki. Possibly do a quiz as well, another open mic night in Michaelmas.

Listings update

Listings once a week, more structure, investigating how they appear on Hermes.


Oli gets a round of applause for new website, lots of positive feedback. Trying to update website more, linking more with listings, particularly want sports teams updates etc. Include links to tab, tcs etc. and let people know which rooms are open for revising.

Last Viva

Boat club are objecting to moving last viva to Friday when they’re on a drinking ban, considering proximity to garden party, advice of porters and other peoples convenience firmly decided that Friday was the right day

Dan leaves with a bottle of wine for unspecified location.

Sandy’s three things:

Update day in the life asap to include every subject and have more from other subjects.

Room bookings are difficult/ expensive for out-of-college societies. Davina to talk Jackie about it, especially reopening Terrace room to students all year round. Possibly get a date for bar renovation soon, hall renovation over summer and Michaelmas.

Still waiting on CUSU for sky, Davina to harass CUSU president, possibly with Bampos emails. Update status on the website.

Cafeteria questionnaire

Lots of responses, orange Ribena an access based priority. Questions raised about efficiency of hall, more reliable scanner and faster service. Will take to kitchens committee, along with any nice comments we can get from people to show that we appreciate better food. Potentially could make quick, in-hall, survey system, as online comments broken, according to Oli, username and password “to get into the back end… I don’t know where to put it” [Note from Oli: I worked it out. It works fine. Linked in the sidebar.]

From this point we discussed Freshers week plans, which I’ll minute at a later date, probably…


Zephyr Penoyre (jp576)

JCR Secretary

Trinity Hall

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