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President: Jacob Smith (jas298)

I’m Jacob, I’m a 2nd year NatSci, and I’m your JCR president. I’m responsible for generally representing the student body, both to the college and on a more university-wide scale. I vote on your behalf at CUSU council, I sit on the college governing body, and I have regular meetings with senior college leadership. As we’ve all seen, communication between students and college management is absolutely vital, and during my term I want to ensure that this happens transparently and effectively. I coordinate the rest of the JCR committee to ensure that we’re working as well as we can be, and I also help out the committee with their own roles, such as with balloting and freshers week. Please get in touch if you have suggestions, concerns, or ideas for the college or JCR!


Vice President: Sam Riley (sjkr2)

Hi, I’m Sam – a first year Engling! I’m your Vice-President for 2020-20. My job is to assist the President and other members of the JCR committee in any work they’re doing, and to help or direct any student that may want advice on how to make changes in the college through the JCR Committee. I run elections and do a lot of the general organisation and administration for the Committee.


Welfare Officers: Benedict Skinner-Cassidy (bs638), Sarah Royle (smr70)

Hi, we’re Sarah and Ben – your JCR welfare officers! We’re one part of the large support network we have here in college and help to represent issues of student well-being to the college staff. If anything’s bothering you we’re always available for a confidential chat, and we run a range of regular events to help you destress. If you find yourself struggling we’re here to help and are happy to guide you through internal or external support networks, be it applying for UCS counselling, setting up financial aid, or anything else you might need.


Treasurer: Kishen Joshi (hkj30)

Hi, I’m Kishen and I’m your JCR treasurer for 2020-21. In short my job is to organise the finances of the JCR and to make sure that the societies have access to the funds they need. If you’d like to start a new society feel free to drop me a message and I’ll let you know about the procedure and help you set it up! I also sit on the college governing body and finance committee.


Secretary: Matthew Bessant (mrb88)

I’m Matt, a first year Engling, and I’m your JCR Secretary for 2020-2021, which means that I take the minutes at JCR meetings and send out the weekly college listings. This is a resource for all Tit Hall undergraduates to find out about things going on in college – if there’s anything you’d like to include, feel free to drop me a message! I’d like to think that I’m quite an active member of the JCR, and so I’ll usually end up attending most college events, albeit essay permitting! Hopefully this will mean you get to see my face a bit, and I’m not just a mysterious name popping up in your inbox.


Ents Presidents: Jack Sims (jdls2), Isobell Nicholl (irn24), Phoebe Wates (pw467)

My name is Jack and I’m a first year law student. I’m one of three ents officers which essentially means I organise college social events. One of the things I do in my free time is play college rugby so if you’re interested in getting involved , drop me a message                                   


Hi I’m Izzy, a first year historian and one of your three ents officers! Hopefully you’ll soon be back enjoying all the bops and superhalls we can throw at you so have your costumes ready!! I’m also a part of THBC so if you’re interested in being roped into early starts and constant exhaustion do shoot me a message!


Phoebe Wates studying history and on the ents committee!!

Access Officer: Daisy Brown (dib31), Jamie Robertson (jr832)

Hi! I’m Daisy, a first year studying HSPS, and I’m Jamie, a first year studying Natural Sciences. Together we are this year’s access officers and we are really looking forward to enacting some of the ideas we have for this year to continue to make Trinity Hall a diverse and welcoming atmosphere for all students!

Green & Ethics Officer: Helena Hatrick (hrh40)

‘Hello, I’m Helena. I’m a second year bio natsci and I’m the green and ethics officer for this year’s JCR! Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any comments or suggestions about what Trinity Hall can do to be more green and ethical.

First Year Reps: Daniel Nash (dn380), Ella Broomberg (erb66), Rajiv Guha (rg624)

Hi, I am Dan, one of the first year reps and I study biological natural sciences. As a first year (fresher) representatives, I help to make sure Freshers are settling into college life and that our voice as a year is heard. The freps sit on several different committees, and we also help run Freshers week, as well as Marriage Formal and Half way Hall for our year.

Hi, I’m Ella, one of the first year reps and I study History. As a first year (fresher) representative, I help to make sure Freshers are settling into college life and that our voice as a year is heard. The freps sit on several different committees, and we also help run Freshers’ week, as well as Marriage Formal and Half way Hall for our year.

Hi, I am Rajiv, one of the first year reps and I study Economics. As a first year (fresher) representatives, I help to make sure Freshers are settling into college life and that our voice as a year is heard. The freps sit on several different committees, and we also help run Freshers week, as well as Marriage Formal and Half way Hall for our year.


Webmaster: Anish Das (ad945)

Hi! I am Anish, a Part 1B CompSci. I’m your Webmaster and your IT support. Feel free to contact me using trinhall-jcr-webmaster@lists.cam.ac.uk or my cam mail if you need help or have suggestions for the website. My job is to maintain and update the website and running the balloting system. 

LBGT+ Officer: Lily Indira Kirkby (lik24)

Hi, I’m Lily! I study History of Art and I’m your LGBT+ Officer. As LGBT+ Officer I will advocate to make Tit Hall an inclusive, supportive, and safe environment, and ensure that all self-identifying LGBT+ students’ voices are heard by the JCR. I am also in charge of putting together events in college for LGBT+ students. If you have any ideas for events that you’d like to have happen just let me know! If you want to get in touch I am always available to answer any questions concerning LGBT+ life in Cambridge, to provide private and confidential support, or even just for a chat. Please do feel free contact me anytime, be it over email (lik24 / the jcr lgbt+ email), Facebook Messenger, or if you just see me around – I’m more than happy to help and no issue is too small!


Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer: Maro Okiti ()

Hey Guys, I am Maro Okiti. I am a first year HSPS student and I am also the Black, Minority and Ethnic officer. It is my duty to make Tit Hall more welcoming and a safe space for the BME community. My current projects as BME officer are: launching Trinity Hall’s inaugural BME Open Day, intercollegiate BME activities and revising the content for racial tolerance workshops. My messages and email inbox are open if you need a chat.


Disability and Special Considerations Officer: Thomas So (tkhs2)

As the disabilities and special considerations officer, I will be your first point of contact if you have any queries about special arrangements that you may be entitled to, and I will do everything I can to answer your questions or direct you to the right person, so please do get in touch even if you’re unsure if you qualify for any special considerations!


Women and Non-Binary Officer: Ioana Diac (id334)

Hi everyone, my name is Ioana and I am a second year HSPS student specialising in Sociology. I am your Women’s and Non-Binary Officer, responsible for the well-being and representation of all self-identifying female and non-binary members of the JCR. As part of the welfare sub-team, I am here to offer individual support for anyone with a personal issue that relates to gender, from discrimination to sexual health and sexual violence. In addition to the welfare aspect of this role, it is also a political one and I will engage with the CUSU Women’s Campaign and other groups to raise awareness of political issues both within and outside of the college. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about what you would like to see being done in college please do not hesitate to drop me a message or get in touch via email (id334). Love and solidarity xoxo


International Officer: Ryan Yeap (ry276), Kate Han (kh674)

Hi everyone, we are Ryan and Kate, your international officers and we both study Law here at Trinity Hall. Coming from Singapore and Australia (respectively), we both know what it’s like to be in a new environment with new people, and the difficulties that may come with it – trust us, it’s not as complicated as it seems! We are here to represent the interest of the international community here at Tit Hall, and to provide an additional avenue for your welfare & logistical concerns. We work closely with iCUSU (International Cambridge University Student Union) to ensure that all your needs are addressed, as well as assist in the planning for iFreshers week to guarantee a smooth and fun-filled transition into Cambridge life. We’ll also work with iOfficers from other colleges to organise events – so keep an eye out for that! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can be of any help! We’re a friendly pair (don’t let the law degrees fool you) and are always down for a chat!


Accommodation and Services Officer: Benjamin Rogers-Newsome (btr26)

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