JCR Committee

The JCR committee is tasked with representing the undergraduate members of Trinity Hall. Members are elected by the student body, with the exception of a few co-opted positions.

We’re here to represent your views, your opinions, and your interests, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. The current committee members are listed below, with a brief description of their roles.

The JCR constitution can be found here.

President: Rebecca Horner (rnh25)

Hey everyone, I’m Becca, a third-year History student and your JCR President. I chair meetings of the JCR Committee, make sure your interests are conveyed to the right people in college in everything from welfare to facilities to finance, to make your experience of Tit Hall as great as it can possibly be! I also organise the room ballot, and represent Tit Hall students at CUSU Council. Currently, I’m liaising with the Alumni Office to make sure that updates on things happening in the wider college community are communicated to the student body, and am in talks with the Senior Tutor about refurbishing the JCR to make it a more comfortable environment for all of us. If you have any questions or ideas for ways we could be making college better for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Vice President: Jacob Stevens (js2284)

Hi, I’m Jacob and I’m the JCR Vice-President. As VP, it’s my job to support Rebecca in running the JCR committee and to help the committee members accomplish everything they want to do. I’m responsible for calling open meetings, running elections and fresher’s week, organising the subletting scheme and doing general JCR admin. I liaise with college on a range of issues (and sit on the IT committee) to make sure your student experience is the best it possibly can be! I also fulfil the role of external officer meaning I vote at CUSU on behalf of the JCR and relay wider university issues back to Tit Hall students. If you ever have concerns you would like to raise with college or CUSU, get in touch with me!

Welfare Officers: Charlotte Brinkley (cab221), Ben Peart (bp400)

Hi! We’re Ben and Charlotte, both third-year Geographers, and now your welfare officers! Our main role is to support you during your time at Trinity Hall. University life can have very extreme ups and downs, and it’s difficult to know what to do if you’re feeling a bit lost. We therefore hope to be your first point of call whenever any issues arise, and hope that by being an active presence around college you feel comfortable enough to come to us about anything, whether that be related to work, family, friends, and anything in between. With the whole Welfare Team, the college counsellors and a number of personal tutors, Trinity Hall has an extensive support network which we as Welfare Officers can point you towards to prevent these issues becoming potentially more serious problems. As part of our supportive role, we’ll be holding numerous welfare events throughout term, including our weekly Welfare Tea, so take a look at our calendar or the Welfare Network to see what’s going on. We’ll also be keeping college stocked with sexual health supplies and emergency sanitary products. We’re always open to suggestions, so let us know if we could be doing anything else to make your time at Trinity Hall any better! Please contact us (jcr-welfare@trinhall.cam.ac.uk), or catch us around college whenever – we love a chat!

Treasurer: George Smith (grs44)

I’m George, and as JCR treasurer, I keep track of the money available for JCR societies. College provides money for societies, and I divide this money into a budget for each to spend over the year. If you have any questions about finance at cambridge, whether its grants for study, travel or money for societies, please don’t hesitate to ask. I sit on the Finance Committee and Governing body.

Secretary: Ashley Yu (ay315)

Hello, I’m Ashley, a third-year music student. As JCR secretary I take minutes at JCR meetings to record what has been discussed at each meeting. I also send out listings, a weekly email that goes out to all the Tit Hall undergraduates and is basically a list of all the events and opportunities that are occurring in college, in the university and beyond. I also work with the alumni and development office and the library committee so if you have any questions/ requests please feel free to ask!

Ents Presidents: Guy Taslic (gst28), James Aitken (ja616), Esme Glastonbury-Southern (eos24)

Hi! Our job is to run all of the college’s parties for the JCR. We run the Crescent Room several times a term, which are themed bops with fancy dress, cheap drinks and a lot of cheesy music! When we’re not doing that, we organise the special formal dinners, the occasional pub quiz and college nights out.

Access Officer: Grace Bassett (geb47)

Hi everyone, I’m Grace and I am your Access Officer. My role is to make sure that Cambridge is accessible to anyone who has the potential to study here. As Access Officer, I work closely with the School Liaison Officer to ensure that Trinity Hall is the most inclusive and welcoming college it can possibly be, whether this be assisting at events or encouraging members of the college to get involved with access. As well as this, I help maintain Trinity Hall’s alternative prospectus and I sit on college’s Educational Policy Committee, I also liaise with other Access Officers at CUSU meetings.

Green & Ethics Officer: Aadil Siddiqi (aas84)

Hi, I’m Aadil and I’m your Green and Ethics Officer. I’m responsible for making it easier for college and its students to make more ethical and environmentally-friendly choices. Additionally, I’ll be promoting university and city-wide environmental and charity events, campaigns and general news. If there’s anything environment or charity-related you’d like to promote in college, feel free to get in touch at aas84@cam.ac.uk!

First Year Reps: Katie Bruce (kb644), Triveni Patel (tp435), Aoibh Burke (ab2455)

We’re here to make sure first years have a voice on the JCR Committee, as well as to perform various exciting menial tasks, without which the Committee would wither and die.
Our biggest responsibility has been organising this year’s Fresher’s week and making sure it is as good as our one was. You’ll be seeing quite a bit of us during the week – be sure to contact or approach us if you have any questions! We also sit on the Ents committee, helping the Ents president in organising Crescent Rooms and other college events. We are involved in the Education Policy, Kitchens and Library Committees respectively. (email)

Webmaster: Bilal Chughtai (bc464)

Hi, I’m Bilal, a second-year mathematician and your JCR webmaster. My main responsibility is ensuring this website stays up to date and relevant, but also a few other tech related things. I always welcome feedback and can (possibly) help if you have a tech related problem. Feel free to contact me by emailing me or messaging me on Facebook!

LBGT+ Officer: Alfie Vaughan (argv2)

Hi all, I’m Alfie (he/him) and I’m the LGBT+ Officer. My main role is representing the concerns of LGBT+ students in college, which ranges addressing LGBT+ students’ concerns at meetings, putting on fun events in college (or advertising the ones outside of college) to simply giving advice on any problems students have. I also work with the welfare team to make sure all students are happy and feel comfortable. I am always happy to chat, whether in person or by email.

Outside of my role on the JCR, I study MML (French and Portuguese) and can often be spotted at most French Society Events, LGBT+ Socials and the occasional Tuesday night Glitterbomb!

Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer: Rashidat Animashaun (ra526)

Hello, my name is Rashidat and I am Trinity Hall’s BME Officer. I am a second-year HSPS student. I like to think of my role, as described by my predecessor, as 50% political and 50% welfare. I am committed to ensuring Trinity Hall is a comfortable environment for all ethnic minorities. For me, this entails reaching out to more prospective BME applicants through the Access and Outreach office, but also ensuring that BME students are well-supported once here. As of now, I am planning more BME inter-collegiate mingles, working with our college Welfare officers to ensure welfare activities cater to BME needs and working to revive the Film Society to incorporate more foreign films. Any issues or enquiries you can contact me through Hermes, ra526@cam.ac.uk .

Disability and Special Considerations Officer: Jan Helmich (jeh205)

I am Jan and as the Disability and Special Considerations Officer, I am not only part of the welfare team to ensure that all of you get the support you need to be happy and healthy within college, but I am particularly at anyones disposal who is effected by a disability or is subject to other circumstances which would benefit from special considerations support; academic, emotional, mental and physical difficulties alike. I also represent these students to the JCR and CUSU and liaise with the Disability Resource Centre and try to keep up to date with the latest Disabled Students Campaign and work with Access to ensure students with special considerations are well informed about applying to Cambridge. No matter if it is for a specific problem, or you just want to talk to someone who understands a bit more about what you’re going through, feel free to reach out to me!

Women and Non-Binary Officer: Micheala Chan (mkyc2)

I’m Micheala (4th year engineer). I’m your Women and Non-Binary Officer, here to make the voices of all the women and non-binary people of Tit Hall heard. My role is also to provide individual support for anyone with a personal issue that relates to gender, from discrimination to sexual health to sexual violence. That means if you have any problems or questions at all related to gender (whichever one you happen to be!), please do send me a quick message or email and I’ll do my best to help!

International Officer: Christel Jeff (cl721)

Hello! Salut! 你好! Habari! Привет! Kia ora! Hej! Hallo! No matter how you say hello, I’m here to welcome you to the friendly and culturally diverse Trinity Hall community. An especially warm welcome to students new to Cambridge: it’s never easy switching into the next phase in life, and it can be especially daunting if it’s your first time living away from home. Not to worry, that’s what I, along with the rest of the Welfare Team, am here for! Aside from organising socials like swaps with other colleges, I represent you and your views, concerns and suggestions for improvement in the way the JCR/college runs. I will also constantly keep you updated on the latest happenings with iCUSU and international societies. If you have any ideas/cultural events/a little taste of home you’d like to share with the community, please let me know, and we’ll try to organise something.

Feel free to get in touch whenever you feel homesick, or if you’d just like to chat. Your welfare is my affair! 

Accommodation and Services Officer: Rob O'Sullivan (ro301)

Hi all, I’m Rob and I’m the ASO. The role of the ASO is to meet with College to discuss rent increases and accommodation policy developments and to ensure that students have a representative to discuss with college their concerns and suggestions regarding College Accommodation. The ASO also helps the President run the Ballot process, meaning I’m responsible for randomising the ballot groups and producing the timetable for when students in First and Second Year can choose their accommodation for the next academic year. Furthermore, the ASO is also responsible for improving college services; if anyone has any suggestions on how to make things slightly better within college, whether that’s to do with the Wi-Fi, JCR, Bar or any other recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact me, whether in person or by email.

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