Useful Contacts

 First Year Reps

The First Year Reps (Freps) are your representatives on the JCR Committee, and they’re here to help you settle in as quickly and enjoyably as possible. Feel free to send any questions their way – they’ll be active on the facebook group, and can be contacted via email at

JCR President

Our JCR president is Jacob Smith ( Any questions you have can be sent his way and he’ll do his best to answer them or find someone else who can. If you’re not sure who to contact about something, Jacob is probably your best bet.

Admissions Officer

The college admissions officer, Vicky Mills, is in charge of the administrative side of admissions. If you have questions about accommodation, fees, or similar things of an administrative nature, she’s probably a good person to ask. She can be reached at

Welfare Officers

The Welfare Officers are in charge of the JCR’s welfare services for all years, and they’re always available should you need to get in touch with them. There is also a welfare subcommittee who are always willing to help with more specific issues or questions — more details can be found on the welfare page.

Tutorial office

The tutorial office are responsible for accommodation, pastoral care and many other things; they can be contacted via Rosie Ince, the tutorial administrator

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