• ASNaC — Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (or a student of said subject)
  • The Backs — The backs of the riverside colleges, where the river runs between the colleges and Queens’ Road
  • BBC — Bishop Bateman Court, an accommodation block in central Cambridge, separate from Central Site.
  • Bedder — the very kind person who empties your bins, cleans your room and gives you fresh bedding.
  • BoHo — Boulton House, an accommodation block at Wychfield.
  • Bop — Party
  • Cam — Lazy way of saying Cambridge, but also the name of the main river.
  • Cindies — The name Cambridge students call the Ballares nightclub (it was once called Cindies in the 80s… we like our traditions).
  • Come up — to come to Cambridge
  • Compsci — (pronounced Comp-ski) Computer Science Tripos (or a student of said subject)
  • DoS — Director of Studies
  • Ents — Short for “Entertainments”, refers to the entertainment put on by the JCR Ents team. For example, VIVA and Superhall.
  • Freshers — You lot!
  • Freps — Short for “First Year Reps”. Members of the JCR Committee in charge of making sure the freshers have a good time and are looked after well.
  • Go down — to leave Cambridge
  • Gyp room — Small kitchen shared by students
  • Hall — The place where we eat (other colleges often call this the buttery or cafeteria). Also refers to the hall where formal dinners take place (since it’s the same place).
  • JCR –– Junior Common Room. This is the term for the common room next to the bar, the general term for all undergraduate students as well as a shortened term for the JCR committee. Similarly there is a MCR (mature) for graduate students, and SCR (the fellows), but no one really calls them that.
  • Life — The name Cambridge students call the club actually named Kuda.
  • Mathmo — Student studying mathematics
  • MCR –– Master Common Room. The term for the graduate common room, the general term for all graduate students as well as the term for the MCR committee.
  • MML — Modern and Medieval Languages
  • Natsci — (pronounced Nat-ski) Natural Sciences Tripos (or a student of said subject)
  • New Build — The newest accommodation block at Wychfield. Swanky.
  • Pidge — Pigeon hole. Found in the Plodge.
  • Plodge — Porters’ Lodge. Contains porters. And pidges.
  • Read — to study, as in reading Natural Sciences.
  • Suicide Sunday — the Sunday immediately after the end of Easter Full Term, after exams have finished, but before the results have come out. Usually celebrated with cocktail parties.
  • Tit Hall — Trinity Hall
  • Tit Wall — The wall at the back of Tit Hall. Great for watching incompetent punters and struggling cyclists.#
  • UL — University Library
  • VIVA/ENT — A college bop held in the Crescent Room every few weeks on a Saturday evening.
  • Wychfield — College site out to the North-West side of Cambridge, next to Fitzwilliam. Most 2nd years live here.
  • WYNG — WYNG Gardens, an accommodation block in central Cambridge, separate from Central site. Newest and swankiest accommodation.


This is just our Cambridge jargon bestseller top-hits of all time list. For a more comprehensive list, try the Queens’ College list (tbh after a year here I still don’t recognize half the stuff on this one)

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