How to internet really good

Hello, Fresher!

(If you’re not a fresher: Hello, person who somehow went a whole year here without knowing how to get internet!)

So, you’ve arrived in Cambridge, unpacked your room and you’re all set up, but the 3G is awful and you need cat pictures, dammit.

Fear not, we’ve got your feline photography needs covered! This section is a handy guide to internet and IT related things at university, and how to get set up quickly and easily. Let it not be said that the JCR ignores the needs of its members. Here’s a little guide written by Bruce – the fab webmaster from a few years back, which has been updated more recently by myself.

The University Computing Service has lots of material online to help you (lots of which is linked within this guide). However, some of the setup process is college-specific.

The Trinity Hall Computing Service Group also have a website to help with this, but some of the material is slightly out of date and/or hard to find, so I’ve compiled this guide to make the process easier and simpler.

Once you have all of your accounts and internet set up, you can find quick links to things like the college intranet (for cafeteria menus and opening times, etc.) and Hermes webmail on the sidebar to the right. Or you can just post pictures of your food on Twittergram or whatever the kids are using these days.

If you have other problems or questions, your best bet is the IT department - they’re always happy to help (genuinely, they’re great). Their support page will get you to someone who can help.  Otherwise feel free to drop me a line - I’ll do my best to direct you to the right place.

Happy tweeting,

Bilal - JCR webmaster (

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