Exam tips and tricks

by Oli Lane

First of all: it’ll be fine.

However, if you’re worried about exams (or even if you’re not), then the student advice service has some great pages of advice for before and during exams, and what to do if you experience any extenuating circumstances such as illness.

Remember, there’s a wealth of support both from the college and university, and you should make full use of it if you want it. The college’s own study guide includes some advice on handling exams as well.

As well as all that advice, the JCR’s Easter Term Happy Action Plan (ETHAP) is gathering steam, with free food and drinks, an upcoming BBQ, a much improved range of study areas and weekly yoga to help you de-stress.

Finally, if you’re looking for a soundtrack to your Easter term, here’s my 1000 track playlist of chilled out/happy music. Shove it on shuffle.

Stay happy, stay healthy. JCR love x

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