by Oli Lane

Committee crest

Judgement day has come — who will triumph in the ultimate battle of wills, wits and little slips of paper in pigeon holes?

Only you can decide: voting is open until 6pm today. The voting link is here.

Also remember that nominations for co-opted positions are open until 6pm tomorrow. Voting for the CUSU elections are open online until tomorrow at 7pm, with paper balloting in college on Wednesday in case you missed it.

Vote for all the things.

Update: The results are in!

Here are your new JCR Committee 2014 members:

  • Vice-President: Solene Fercocq
  • Treasurer: Emily Bosley
  • Secretary: James Troup
  • Access Officer: Joe Pape
  • Green & Ethical Affairs Officer: Anna Edgar
  • Welfare Officers: Eowyn Elliott & Joel Daramola

Congratulations to you all!

If you ran but didn’t get a position, commiserations — there were 21 fantastic candidates in this round of elections. We hope this won’t put you off getting involved in the future with more JCR events or running again for something next year.

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