Music Society

Trinity Hall Music Society aims to support all types of music making in college, through
maintaining the music room and facilities in college, purchasing music to support any
ensembles in college, such as the Tit Hall Singers, and encouraging performance in recitals
and other events.

The society organises regular recitals, running fortnightly on Thursday evenings during term
time, which usually take place in the music room or occasionally in the more formal setting
of the Master’s Lodge and are all free to attend. We welcome soloists and chamber groups
from within Trinity Hall and across the university to perform at our events.

Facebook Page

President and Director of Music: Andrew Arthur (aa373)

Chair: Sinéad Lucas (sal80)

Secretary: James Grimwood (jag217)

Treasurer: Ashley Yu (ay315)

Events Co-ordinators: Lawrence Bissell (lb736), Elliot Scott (ejs208)

Publicity Officer and Webmaster: Rory Kent (rdk32)

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