First Year

Usually, all first year undergrads live on central site, however for the year matriculating in 2018 (and possibly 2019), due to construction work in Avery Court some first years will be living in WYNG gardens, a nearby more modern accommodation block owned by the college. Each room has a bed, desk, desk chair, cupboard and sink. Some larger rooms will have additional furniture; a small table and additional chairs. Accommodation is divided into staircases, which each house 5-14 people. At central site, no rooms are ensuite, and there tends to be about 1 toilet per 4 people, as well as a gyp. Gyp’s are small basic kitchens, containing a microwave, fridge, toaster and kettle. WYNG has better cooking facilities, with fully equipped kitchens, and ensuite bathrooms. There is also a laundry room on each site.

Subsequent Years

In subsequent years, students ballot for their rooms, so have more choice over where they live. This ballot is run by the JCR and takes place mid Lent term. There are several sites; Wychfield New Build, Wychfield Bolton House, Bishop Bateman Court, and WYNG being the main ones. The first 2 are at Wychfield site; a large site “up the hill” near Fitz. BBC and WYNG are closer to the college (about 5 minutes away). There is a wide range of price options available.

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