Week 6 Elections are coming!

by Jennie Towler


Week 6 Elections are coming up soon – applications close at 5pm, Friday 24th February.

The election of the new JUNE EVENT PRESIDENT is happening at the same time!

Week 6 Elections – this is a document with everything you need to know on it.


by Jennie Towler

metropolis_logo_smallCongratulations to the June Event Committee of 2016 for an amazing event!

President – Sophie Birkin

Vice President – Katie Wickham

Logistics – Jenny Frazer & Anna Murray

Treasurer – Charlie Hewitt

Legal – Victor Chu

Personnel – Tom Burton

Music – Marco Tenconi & William Shanks

Non-Musical Ents – Ellie Green

Graphics & Design – Laura Bielinski

Design – Olivia Lisle

Ticketing – Oliver Crawford

Food & Drink – Armand Lambert & Jack Hurley

Webmaster – Joshua Send

Best of luck to next year’s President, Sophie, and committee!

13517636_622187334608287_5391549359115584702_o 13483311_620645534762467_1004184921836195715_o 13482905_620644788095875_7742275039375607939_o 13443236_620644838095870_8606060241673908958_o 13416785_620646488095705_1289454964150813652_o 13433209_620644938095860_7305287115708705723_o

 Photos by Qiuying Giulia Lai 720minutesphotography.com

End of Term Arrangements

by Jennie Towler

We are coming to the end of the academic year!

Have a wonderful May Week full of relaxation and fun, and best of luck to everyone who is graduating.

Here is a summary of the details for the end of term arrangements for residence. Please see the email sent by the junior bursar for a full update.

Important dates


Full Term ends: Friday 10 June

Vehicular Access Permit Day (Term Day): Saturday 11 June and Friday 24 June (for leaving Central Site)

Entitlement to residence ends:

– Graduands 9.30am Friday 24 Jun

– Non Graduands 10.00am Tues 21 Jun


Full Term begins: Tuesday 4 October

Entitlement to residence begins: 2.00pm Friday 30 September

Vehicular Access Permit Day (Term Day): Saturday 1 October (for returning to Central Site)


Microsoft Office (and new committee members)

by Bruce Collie

New build

In my role as Webmaster I feel somewhat obligated to remind you all that you are all entitled to a copy of Microsoft Office for free now – the uptake so far has been somewhat low, but this is a useful opportunity that I’m sure at least some of you will take advantage of. Instructions are here, and if you have any issues please submit a service request to IT at http://service.trinhall.cam.ac.uk/.

In other less exciting, non computer-related news, we enter a new presidential era as we welcome new committee members:

  • PRESIDENT: Sam Pulman-Slater
  • MALE WELFARE: Dominic O’Neill
  • ENTS: David Powell & Sam Slattery
  • TREASURER: Veer Goiporia

Thanks to all the committee members leaving us – you’ve all been great.

Finally, thanks to some great work by our access officer Mary, we now have some brand new student profiles online – if you’re a prospective student be sure to check them out here.

Welcome Freshers!

by Bruce Collie

Master's Lodge


In my role as Webmaster I’d like to welcome you all to Trinity Hall on behalf of the whole JCR committee. Freshers’ Week can be a pretty hectic time, but the committee is there to help you settle in and enjoy yourselves as much as possible. You can find out about us on the committee page.

I try to keep the website as up to date as possible, and a good place to start is the Freshers section – you’ll find lots of useful information about college life here. Another important page is the immortal guide to college IT, How To Internet Really Good. This guide should be your first point of call if you have problems with computers or the internet. Failing that, I’ll be around in Freshers Week to help with computer issues.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 12.13.08

See you soon!



Calling Campaign 2015: Know your Phonecraft

by Oli Lane

Calling all students! This is your chance to do something worthwhile, improve your CV, earn money and have fun chatting to former students of Trinity Hall.

In March/April 2015, Trinity Hall will hold its eleventh telephone campaign.  The purpose of this campaign is twofold: to enhance communication and further develop relationships between the College and its alumni and to raise money for the Trinity Hall Fund.  Members enjoy hearing what’s happening in College – particularly from a current student’s perspective – and this is an important opportunity for you to help build closer links between Trinity Hall and our alumni.

All alumni whom we intend to call will receive a letter from the Master in advance, letting them know that a current student will be calling to update them on Trinity Hall’s news and forthcoming events, to ask for feedback and to seek support for Trinity Hall. Everyone will be given the opportunity to opt-out if they do not wish to receive a phone call.

To find out more and apply, please go here.

Term arrangements

by Oli Lane

You should, by now, have received an email from the bursar containing details of end of term arrangements. Here’s the temporal highlights, for quick reference.

Please note this isn’t a replacement for reading the actual document. Terms and conditions apply. Not valid with any other offers. 

Important dates

  • Full Term ends: Friday 5 December
  • Vehicular Access Permit Day (Term Day): Saturday 6 December (for leaving Central Site)
  • Entitlement to residence ends: 10.00am Friday 12 December
  • Entitlement to residence begins: 2.00pm Thursday 8 January
  • Vehicular Access Permit Day (Term Day): Saturday 10 January (for returning to Central Site)
  • Full Term begins: Tuesday 13 January


  • Last Meal Michaelmas: Lunch in Hall 12.30–1.15pm, Fri 12th December
  • First Meal Lent: Cafeteria in Hall, 6 – 6.30pm, Friday, 9th January

Finally, congratulations to our newly elected Freps, and a fond farewell to the old guard! They’ve got big boots to fill, but we’re sure they’re up to the job.

Film Society showing

by Oli Lane

Film strip stock image

Here’s a quick message from James, the president of the film society:

Thanks to everyone who signed up to Film Society at the freshers’ fair, and apologies for the late start to proceedings this year, but we now have our first film showing organised!

We will be showing ‘Life of Pi’ in the Leslie Stephen Room in college this Friday (tomorrow). This film is viewed in some quarters as being something of a modern classic, the tale of “a young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger.”

It’s sure to be a great watch, we’ll start the film at 7:45pm, though feel free to come down any time from 7:30 onwards. I’ll try to bring some popcorn/snacks but you’re very welcome to bring your own!

Also please do tell your friends if you plan on coming, all are welcome!