Welcome to Tit Hall!

by eh495

Hello Freshers and welcome to Tit Hall, your new home from home for the next 3+ years!

We’re super excited to meet you all over the next few days. Freshers’ Week can be a pretty hectic time, but the JCR committee is here to help you settle in and enjoy yourselves as much as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us if you have any questions or problems (you can find out more about us here).

Here at Tit Hall, we really value a) food and b) wifi! Therefore, when you arrive in Cambridge, make sure you check out:

See you soon!

Emily xx

New Freps

by Bruce Collie


Today is the debut committee meeting for our three new freps – we’d like to welcome James, Eric and Tian to the fold. If any freshers have any concerns / questions / comments etc. please get in touch with them. You can reach them at:

  • JAMES COE (jjc71)
  • ERIC DALE (ed462)
  • TIAN CHAN (tc471)

We’d also like to thank Jennie, Dom and Catriona for their year of fantastic work on the committee.

You can find the updated committee page here.

New Committee Members

by Bruce Collie

It’s a time of great political upheaval in the JCR Committee, with a total of 10 brand new faces on the committee. The new (and returning) members of our wonderful committee are:

  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Dale Walmsley
  • FEMALE WELFARE: Lucy Mackie
  • MALE WELFARE: Jacob Sen
  • SECRETARY: Veer Goiporia
  • ACCESS OFFICER: Mary Schafer
  • WEBMASTER: Bruce Collie
  • LGBT+ OFFICER: Sam Pulman-Slater
  • WOMEN’S OFFICER: Lily Rosengard
  • INTERNATIONAL REP: Sebastian Mellab

On behalf of the new committee and the student body at large, I’d like to extend a massive thank you to the outgoing committee (you know who you are) – it’s been a brilliant year for the JCR and you guys have been responsible for so much of that.

You can find contact details for all the committee members on our handy page here.

Voting re-opens tomorrow

by Oli Lane

CUSU have fixed the issues which caused Monday’s election to be postponed, and the vote will restart tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9am. This link will take you to the secure voting page, and you can visit before the vote opens to check you’re on the electoral roll and eligible to vote.

Unfortunately votes from Monday will not be counted, so if you’ve voted already, please VOTE AGAIN tomorrow. Vote counts will be released at 6pm, and subsequently verified by the Vice President before the official result is announced.

Thanks for bearing with us :)

Michaelmas Open Meeting

by Oli Lane

JCR Committee 2014 logo

This term’s open meeting will be held in the Terrace Room at 6.45pm on Sunday 16th November.

If you have an issue to raise or something you want the JCR to discuss, submit a motion to Solene (sajf2 or pigeon hole SAJ Fercocq) by 6.45pm Saturday 15th November. If you have a burning issue let her or Ellen (eej24) know in good time and they can help you form this into a motion and get it added to the agenda.

The open meeting will be followed by Frep Hustings.

Yoga sessions

by Oli Lane

Yoga kitten

Welfare’s new yoga sessions will be starting this Tuesday from 4pm in the lecture theatre! It’ll cost £2 per person — unfortunately we only have mats and space for 22 people so please come early to avoid disappointment.

Easter Term goodness

by Oli Lane


It’s a brand new term, and we’ve got a few things lined up that you should know about (because they’ll be great/useful/yummy). Have a gander.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd April

The Sports Centre is having Open Days from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm so that students can familiarise themselves with the venue well in advance of exams. Please do make use of this, it will make things much easier on the day!

Wednesday 23 April

Dr Jackson will be giving a talk in the Lecture Theatre at 3.30pm on study skills and advice for exam term; please come along!

Saturday 17th May

The JCR BBQ, hosted by Dr Jackson, will be held on the 17th of May; details will be sent out nearer the time.

Fun things to know about

  • The Jerwood is open as normal, although hotdesking will be coming into force, so please clear up your books and papers at the end of the day.
  • We have the Terrace Room and P Seminar Room booked from 9pm-5pm every day for quiet study.
  • We also have the Lecture Theatre booked from 9pm-5pm as a designated non-work quiet space, so that people can use it for quiet relaxation, meditation, etc. Please don’t use it as a social space; we have the Welfare Room and the Cafe open as normal for socialising/napping/paninis.
  • Yoga classes will be starting! More details to follow from the Welfare reps.
  • From the 12th of May, there will be doughnuts provided several days a week; the Jerwood will also be providing juice and cookies. Look out for an email from Tutorial later on to confirm when and where. Gluten free options will be available on request.

Things to remember

  • Please remember that there is support available if you have any problems or concerns, whether work-related, health-related or anything else. Do get in touch with your tutor, your DoS, or any member of the Welfare team if you are having any difficulties; you can also contact the college nurse or the college counsellor.
  • It’s beautiful weather; Easter term may have a somewhat negative reputation but don’t forget it is also the term of punting, Pimms and lunch on Latham Lawn. Enjoy the sun!
  • May Week. It’s going to be great.


New grants and funds section

by Oli Lane

Good news — we’ve got a brand new section of the website to help you out with grants and funds (particularly whilst the intranet information on the subject is being re-written). You can find a comprehensive breakdown of all grants and funds available through college here, or through the Useful Info section in the top bar.

We’ve also moved the new JCR Constitution to the same section, and added a new document outlining the procedures for societies (how to form them, how funding works, etc.)

We hope it’s useful. If anything is unclear, please feel free to get in contact with Emily, the JCR Treasurer (eb531).